After the Miami Dolphins' 70-point performance versus the Denver Broncos, the Buffalo Bills gave Miami a taste of their own medicine when they defeated the Dolphins 48-20. Outside of quarterback Josh Allen, the star of the game for the Bills was wide receiver Stefon Diggs. Diggs had his best game of the season when he recorded six receptions for 120 yards and three touchdowns.

Following the game, many questioned the Dolphins decision to cover Diggs with cornerback Kader Kohou instead of former All-Pro CB Xavien Howard, including Howard himself. Dolphins defensive coordinator Vic Fangio spoke on the choice Thursday.

“We gave Diggs a lot of attention — obviously, not enough, as far as schematically,” Fangio said. “In hindsight, maybe (could’ve shadowed with Howard), but I really don’t feel bad about that decision. I have confidence in Kader and it didn’t work out, but the second-guessing is justified,” via David Furones of the Sun Sentinel.

“Our whole defense, overall, hadn’t been as productive. I think, overall, speaking specifically about last week, it affects everybody. When the unit as a whole is not playing up to snuff, both coaching and playing, I think it affects everybody. It definitely needs to be coached better. I think we need to focus on the tackling more so, especially in certain situations. I think, sometimes, we were too ball-conscious and not tackle-conscious.”

Despite Fangio's explanation, the decision to cover Stefon Diggs with Kohou instead of Xavien Howard is puzzling at best. Howard is the 7th-highest paid cornerback per year in the NFL, meaning he's getting paid to cover the top receivers in football. Kohou is still developing as he is just in his second season after going undrafted in 2022. Against one of the best veteran receivers in Diggs, it only makes sense for an experienced CB like Howard to shadow him.