Draymond Green, Bradley Beal fined for fight during Warriors-Wizards
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Draymond Green, Bradley Beal fined for fight during Warriors-Wizards game

Draymond Green, Bradley Beal

The NBA has announced fines for Draymond Green, Bradley Beal and Kelly Oubre Jr. following the fight and altercations that ensued when Green and Beal got into it during the game between the Golden State Warriors and Washington Wizards on Friday night.

Markieff Morris and Carrick Felix have also received one-game suspensions for leaving the bench.

The league clearly distinguishes Beal as the instigator with his fine being double that of Green’s. Both players were ejected after the incident while Green challenged and questioned the decision since he put all of the blame on Beal for starting it.

The suspensions are no surprise as the league has drawn a clear line that any player ever leaving the bench, even just for a few seconds, can result in a suspension.

No suspensions for Beal and Green are noteworthy. The altercation did escalate quickly, but apparently not to the level to warrant any suspensions. The fines won’t hurt either of these players too much of course.

The Warriors and Wizards will play one more time this season on Feb. 28 in Washington, D.C. It will be interesting to see what the atmosphere of that game is like, although it is pretty far down the road.