Watching Game 5 from a suite at the Oakland Coliseum, which neighbors Oracle Arena, was torture for Draymond Green.

After compiling a total of four flagrant foul points in the postseason, an automatic suspension was trigged for the heart and soul of the Golden State Warriors. He wasn't allowed to go into the building unless the Dubs claimed their second consecutive title; only then could he go in to celebrate with his teammates.

According to a source of Marc J. Spears', Green nearly cried when he learned of us suspension. It didn't get any easier once the game actually began.

Draymond was as close as he possibly could be, watching the Finals bout with good friend and former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch at the Oakland Athletics-Texas Rangers game right next door.

Before the opening tip-off, the Warriors left Draymond's spot empty as the national anthem was sang:

Warriors GM Bob Myers joined the viewing party too, as well as a number of friends and clients. At one point, Lynch blurted out, “Those light-skinned guys can play” after Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson hit a couple of deep jumpers.

Spears' source said that Draymond was “hurting” throughout the game, and he was especially despondent when it became apparent they were going to lose.

However, he quickly changed his demeanor with Game 6 in his sights.

“Let’s go,” Green yelled, according to a source. “I get a chance to play in another game.”

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