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Draymond Green: Damian Lillard not bothered by trash talk because ‘he’s from Oakland’

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Draymond Green has been in a constant back-and-forth trash talk war with just about everyone on a Portland Trail Blazers jersey, especially the team’s backcourt of Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum.

The Golden State Warriors forward was even talking junk when Lillard had 34 points in Game 1, shortly after rejecting his dunk attempt as Green came from the weak side for his fifth block of the game.

When asked if he thought a relatively even-keeled Lillard minded some smack talked his way, Green paid him the ultimate compliment.

“Dame is a competitor,” Green told reporters. “No. 1 — he’s from Oakland — very similar to where I grew up. No. 2 — Dame is an underdog, if he didn’t have that chip on his shoulder that he has, he wouldn’t be who he is.”

“As a competitor you love that talk. There’s some guys in this league that aren’t really competitors, they’re just talented or have some skill that has them in the league, but they’re really not that competitive… A competitor like Dame, it’s no shocker to me that he likes it. It’s what’s made him who he is.”

The undersized power forward noted he wasn’t talking as much during Game 2 since there was a lot of noise about it all, and that the officials were likely to keep a tight watch on him and he’d rather not push his luck.

Lillard went from an impressive 34-point outing to scoring only 12 points in 5-of-17 shooting from the floor in Game 2.

The Blazers have their best chance against the Warriors tonight in their first game back on their home court, making this a do-or-die for their postseason run.

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