Warriors news: Draymond Green thinks Golden State can beat '80s Lakers, '96 Bulls
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Draymond Green thinks Golden State can beat ’80s Lakers, ’96 Bulls

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Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green isn’t much for generational comparisons, but the former Defensive Player of the Year took a stab at a candid take regarding where his team stands in the all-time debate. His eyes were set on the Bulls and Lakers.

“I’m usually very reluctant in saying ‘Yeah, we’re better than those teams in the 80s or the ’96 Bulls. It’s all subjective,” Draymond Green told Sam Alipour in the latest episode of ESPN’s Hang Time. “Do I think we could have beat the Lakers of the 80s? Yes. Do I think we can beat the ’96 Bulls? Yes. But I think we’d beat them in the way the game is played today.”

Green’s point is a massive one, considering the difference in play style from the rugged no-blood, no-foul of the 80s and the isolation, hand-check heavy game of the 90’s, where Michael Jordan flourished.

The Warriors are surely the elite when it comes to the modern NBA game, showcasing elite marksman skills combined with ball movement and all-around efficiency.

The host played devil’s advocate, saying Green would have trouble with the NBA’s legends of the past.

Alipour: “But you’re not covering Kareem, by the way.”

Green: “But in the same sense, Kareem wasn’t chasing me up around the court, either.”

The style and tempo differences, along with the rules of the game make this a very tough comparison, considering the Warriors have been fine-tuned to thrive in their era, not the all-time one.

While they could surely scorch the nets against teams like the Bulls and the Lakers of yesteryear, they could also be put to shame by true big men that would dominate in the paint, rendering their small lineups counterproductive in that scheme.

Best team of all-time is a tough debate to have, mostly done by a sum of accomplishments, rather than the eye test to measure a team’s state of excellence. The Warriors might be right there with some of the best five squads to ever suit up, but it’s a debate Green would rather revisit when his career is over and he’s been able to dissect his trajectory over the years.