Just when you thought you had seen it all from Draymond Green, he showed up in Game 1 of the NBA Finals series with some pretty questionable defense.

The worst of which included a kick to the chest of Kyrie Irving. Draymond was guarding Irving who, admittedly, pulled Green by his jersey. But what happens after can be described as nothing other than a flop followed by what looks like an attempt by Green to kick Kyrie.

While he gets very close, it doesn’t look like Draymond quite kicks Kyrie in the face. But it’s really the principal of the matter. Somehow Draymond has discovered how to both flop and kick people at the same time.

Sure, Kyrie Irving is probably a strong guy. But that strong? I kind of doubt it. That looks like a big flop that should probably expect some kind of fine, especially for the kick.

For NBA fans that already hated Draymond Green, this comes as no surprise and only adds fuel to the fire. But this has zero effect on Draymond’s style of play. Unless Green is given another technical or flagrant foul and forced to miss a game (or games), we’re likely to see more of the same from the Warriors’ forward.

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