With a plotline that perhaps hits too close to home, Dying Light 2 (DL2) Stay Human promises an epic apocalyptic open world game when it finally comes out later this week. With the world as good as collapsed, you’ll fight Infected zombies and hope that you can stay human, as the game’s title suggests. But just how long can you survive? Experience how your decisions can decide the fate of The City once Dying Light 2 drops to kick off the flurry of much-anticipated releases this February.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Release Date: February 4, 2022

The release date and time for Dying Light 2 Stay Human will be midnight of February 4, 2022. You can get the action RPG on a variety of different platforms: PlayStation (PS5 and PS4), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. For the PC version, DL2 will be available on Steam, the Windows Store, and the official TechLand Store. What’s more, those in the States can technically get it “earlier” than February 4, as Dying Light 2 on PC will have a global launch at midnight GMT. That’s 4 pm PST and 7 pm EST on February 3 in the US. However, if you plan to get the game on console, DL2 will only come out at midnight in your local region.

For those who preorder the game, regardless of the standard or deluxe edition, you’ll get the following bonuses: “Reach for the Sky” Outfit and Crossbow skin for Lawan; “Reach for the Sky” Paraglider Skin and Backpack Skin for Lawan and Aiden; and “Reload” Outfit, Renewable Weapons, and Paraglider Skin.

As the sequel to Dying Light, DL2 Stay Human sets players on the precipice of a fallen world. The Harran virus, to which humanity succumbed in the prequel, has infiltrated the world—including the City, one of the last human settlements or safe zones. Ravaged by conflict, the City is on the brink of collapse, taking civilization back to the Dark Ages of war, famine, and sickness.

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Dying Light 2 premise and gameplay

You play as a Pilgrim, a wanderer with exceptional abilities and carrier of resources and valuable information. Traveling through the unforgiving, post-apocalyptic setting, you’ll fight off repulsive monsters. Some have magma oozing through them, others with disfigured body parts—these Infected are zombie-like creatures that the Harran virus has attacked.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Steam Deck Verified

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To face off against these threats, players have at their arsenal over 200 weapons and more than 20 weapon mods as well as several power moves to provide an engaging and complex combat experience. Parkour skills, traps, and clever strategies will be key to tipping the battles in your favor. Besides the brutal combat, you will also have to work around the day and night cycles of the game, where you have to wait for nighttime to venture into the Infected lairs and confront them.

How the story unfolds will depend on the choices players make while exploring hidden passages and multiple levels, and deciding on who becomes make allies and who turns into foes. You can engage in up to a four-player co-op so you can see how different decisions forge unique experiences in The City. As you could change the fate of The City, you also dig deeper into who you are—haunted by memories you can’t decipher, rummaging through dark secrets about the scales of power, facing the consequences of your choices and actions as they leave ripple effects throughout The City.

Get ready to be engulfed in an era of darkness when Dying Light 2 drops this February—and remember to stay human.