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Dynasty Warriors live-action film arrives on Netflix today

Dynasty Warriors gets released on Netflix

The long-awaited Dynasty Warriors film is finally set to release on Netflix this Thursday, July 1st, 2021.

Dynasty Warriors was one of the most influential game series of the 2000s. It inspired this film adaptation, while finding its own inspiration in the semi historic Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. This is also timely because developers Koei Tecmo just announced new information about DW9: Empires.

Directed by Hin Yeung Chow and written by Christine To Chi-Long, Dynasty Warriors takes us into the legendary world of Ancient China. The film went all out with its cast with big names like Louis Koo and Wang Kai involved in the project.

The visuals in the filmalthough a bit tacky, still encapsulates the feeling of the game in live-action. The grand battles are epic as well. Seeing huge armies battling head to head will surely bring back memories of playing the game.

The movie originally came out earlier this year in China and Hong Kong to mixed reviews. Seeing as it’s a live-action adaptation for a video game, people, in general, didn’t have high hopes. Fans of Dynasty Warriors were ecstatic but felt like more could’ve been done. Regular moviegoers on the other hand found it “okay”.

Regardless of the reviews, fans of Dynasty Warriors will surely give this a watch. That’s the kind of loyalty long-running video game franchises can inspire in its fans. Dynasty Warriors comes out on Netflix today. Keep in mind that the release timing will vary depending on your region.