Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz is just a couple of months removed from suffering a torn ACL and LCL that prematurely ended his spectacular 2017 season.

Since then, he has been steadily recovering from the injury with eyes towards being ready in time for the 2018 season opener. His return to the field will require him to make some sort of adjustments that will more than like include getting used to wearing a knee brace for the rest of his career as NovaCare Dr. John Kelly has pointed out, according to CBS Philadelphia.

In addition, Dr. Kelly believes Wentz may have to play with a brace for the rest of his career.

“This kid, God bless him, is probably going to be brace dependent – like Brady, like RG3 was – the rest of his career,” said Dr. Kelly. “This may be a blessing in disguise, maybe become more of a drop back quarterback that we all want him to be.”

Wentz is dealing with a major injury that is often career changing for many players. His situation is no different as a brace will allow him to play effectively on the field without any true concern in damaging his knee. There have been several high profile quarterbacks such as New England Patriots’ Tom Brady, who have suffered a similar injury, that still wears the brace for extra protection.

The Eagles have plenty riding on the shoulders of the 25-year-old to be the franchise quarterback for the next decade while leading them to another Super Bowl win. He holds the future of the team in the palm of his hands and wearing a brace will be one more step toward keeping him healthy on the field.

These next several months will provide Wentz the opportunity to get used to playing with the brace on in preparation for how it will feel during the course of a season. It is just simply another precautionary step that has the best interest of Wentz and Eagles in mind.