The saga between Philadelphia Eagles' Darius Slay and Detroit Lions' head coach Matt Patricia continues.

In a press conference, Slay mentioned some of the things he likes about the culture in Philly as compared to Detroit, which many are taking as a jab at Patricia.

New Philadelphia CB Darius Slay said one of the things he like about the #Eagles is that players “are treated like grown men” and can just be themselves. “They allow that here.” Slay has been vocal about his #Lions‘ days with Matt Patricia. Sounds like another shot at him.

This is not the first time the veteran cornerback has taken jabs at Patricia for his team management. Following his trade to the Eagles, the current Eagles CB would go on WJR in Detroit to air his frustrations with Patricia. During the interview he would go on to say that he didn't respect the head coach as a person. Among his issue with his former head coach was the fact that Patricia didn't treat Slay as an elite cornerback.

Darius Slay on WJR: I wanted to stay for a minute, but I knew how me and Matt Patricia were and that wasn't going to last long. Slay said he disagrees with the coach on a lot of things. Said he was bothered by Patricia saying he wasn't elite, only good.

Along with this view, he claims Patricia didn't think he deserved to work out with other elite corners.

Slay said Matt Patricia told him he had no business working out with guys like Richard Sherman and Aqib Talib because those guys were elite and Slay was just good.

Considering the comments today it would seem like the feud is far from over — even with the corner now in Philly.