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Eagles coach Doug Pederson says he still has to ‘pinch’ himself after winning the Super Bowl

Doug Pederson, Eagles

It has been several months since the Philadelphia Eagles laid claim to the first Super Bowl win in franchise history by dramatically topping the New England Patriots.

During a recent interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio, head coach Doug Pederson voiced that he still hasn’t gotten a full grasp over the fact that he helped lead the Eagles to a championship this past season.

“I got to pinch myself everyday. It’s still hard to believe, you know the things that we did and, you know, I give a lot of credit obviously to our players to our coaches, you know the administration, the support we’ve had. We battle through a lot last year and get to that final game and a lot of confidence and lot of trust in our players and you don’t make the decisions you make if you don’t trust your guys and that was evident with our season last year. It’ll never get old to be introduced as World Champion headĀ coach Doug Pederson because that will always follow you.”

It is a tremendous feat that Pederson was able to accomplish with the Eagles this past season to be able to persevere even with their star quarterbackĀ Carson Wentz out of the lineup for the entire playoff run that put Nick Foles in the position to lead the charge. This was a remarkable run that has cemented Pederson’s status in Philadelphia due to helping to bring a championship to the city.

At the same time, Pederson has also acknowledged that the focus has shifted toward preparing for the upcoming campaign where they will have targets on their backs as the defending champions. It will make returning to that point that much more difficult with various teams around the league aiming to take them down.

For the time being, Pederson is simply still relishing the fact that he led his team to the promise land and forever engrained himself with the franchise.