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Jalen Reagor injury for Eagles occurred when making tackle after Jalen Hurts INT

Jalen Reagor, Jalen Hurts, Carson Wentz, Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles fans have to be furious. Receiver and first-round draft pick Jalen Reagor suffered a shoulder injury in practice on Sunday after making a tackle following an interception thrown by quarterback Jalen Hurts, with Carson Wentz nursing his own injury.

The Eagles’ injury woes continue, which is bad enough it in its own right. What is worse, however, is that this injury was utterly preventable.

Eagles fans will rightly ask why Reagor tried to make a tackle on an interception in practice. That shouldn’t be necessary, and Reagor obviously needed to use better judgment. However, this is not primarily about Reagor. The problem is bigger than him.

One must ask why the Eagles wouldn’t automatically blow a play dead when an interception is made. Defensive backs might need to tackle receivers — there is at least some room for debate there, since it is the job of a defensive back to make tackles in open space — but receivers should not be in a position where they put their bodies at added risk.

If interceptions were dead-ball plays in practice, the play would have stopped as soon as the interception of Jalen Hurts was made. Reagor made a poor decision, yes, but he never should have been allowed to make that decision to begin with.

The other especially annoying aspect of this injury: Hurts, who threw the pick, was with the first-team Eagles offense because Carson Wentz was out with a minor injury, something ClutchPoints noted earlier on Sunday.

It is a perfect storm of misery for the injury-ravaged Eagles, whose wings have already been clipped this preseason.

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