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Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins responds to questions about White House snub solely with signs

malcolm jenkins

The Philadelphia Eagles have predictably been bombarded with questions regarding President Donald Trump’s cancellation of their scheduled visit to the White House. However, it appears that Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins is getting tired of answering questions about that. So instead of verbally answering those questions, he made some signs to do the talking for him, instead.

Along with teammate Chris Long, Jenkins has been among the most vocal players of the league’s social-justice movement. This movement, which began with Colin Kaepernick, aims to raise important issues like racial injustice, police brutality, and criminal justice reform by kneeling during the national anthem.

But as one of Jenkins’ signs says, instead of those issues getting the attention they deserve, many people aren’t listening. Their message of social change has been drowned out and turned into a matter of patriotism and the kneeling/protesting players’ apparent disrespect for the country, its flag, and its military.

It seems as if Jenkins is getting fed up with their message being distorted and has taken matters into his own hands-quite literally-by writing his messages down.

Jenkins points out that despite the attacks on some NFL players’ patriotism, a good number of them are actually taking concrete steps like donating significant sums of money to support causes with the hope of making legitimate change for the betterment the country.

The White House’s recent attacks on the Eagles and the NFL as a whole indicate that this battle is far from over. However, Jenkins does not seem ready to give up the fight and will continue to find ways to get his message across to everyone.