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Eagles DL Michael Bennett’s lawyer says case against client will be exposed as ‘ludicrous’

michael bennett

Philadelphia Eagles defensive lineman Michael Bennett has gotten himself into a bit of hot water—maybe. According to a grand jury in Harris County, Texas, he allegedly shoved an elderly disabled woman who was working at Super Bowl LI.

Bennett’s lawyer, as could be expected, is telling a different story and calls the current narrative “ludicrous.”

“There was no fighting, there was no pushing,” attorney Rusty Hardin told NJ.com. “The entire thing is ludicrous. That’s what I think we’ll find when it’s all over.”

While he may think it is ludicrous, he would be smart to take the charges seriously. His charge, injuring an elderly person, is a felony that could cost him up to 10 years in prison. He will not get the maximum of course, but there is a lot of room in there for him to still be sentenced to some prison time.

For an NFL player, any prison time is too much prison time.

According to the indictment, Bennett was in attendance at Super Bowl LI. His brother was playing tight end for the Patriots at the time. So, when the game ended, he wanted to go down to the field to celebrate with his brother. When he was told to use another entrance, he refused and shoved his way past an elderly, disabled woman.

His sister, who was with him, tried to disprove the allegations by posting a video online but the part where they went from the stands to the field was conveniently edited out.

His lawyer can call the charges whatever he wants. But if he doesn’t take this mess seriously, he’ll find out soon why people say “Don’t mess with Texas!”