Eagles news: Philly believes line will be fine without Brandon Brooks
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Eagles believe offensive line will be fine without Brandon Brooks

Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles right guard Brandon Brooks is out for the season. This news definitely has a few Eagles fans worried. But their right tackle Lane Johnson doesn’t seem to be bothered too much. He believes the team could fill in for Brooks’ shoes without any hitches.

Brooks unfortunately suffered an Achilles tear while working out last month. He’s set to miss the entire 2020 season because of the said injury. He’s played right guard well enough to make the last three Pro Bowls, but Johnson seems to think that their offensive line will be able to take loss well.

“I expect the O-line to not miss a beat. I mean, obviously you can’t replace a Brandon Brooks, who’s the best guard in the league, so losing him was definitely a big blow for us but ultimately we still need him in the room as far as directing the young guys, pushing these guys forward,” the Eagles talent said on NFL Network.

The Eagles have a few in-house options they could choose from to try and fill the hole Brooks leaves behind. There’s their recent fourth round pick Jack Driscoll who played guard for Auburn. They also have Matt Pryor and Nate Herbig as more seasoned replacements over the rookie guard.

Philadelphia could also opt to cough up some additional dollars and look for a free agent that’s readily available to take Brandon’s slot as well.

Brandon Brooks’s steady influence on their O-line will clearly be missed, but Johnson and the rest of the squad can’t cry over spilled milk.