Elon Musk is sending his congratulations to Taylor Swift after receiving TIME's Person of the Year. However, the Tesla CEO injected a note of sarcasm, suggesting a potential decline in popularity after the accolade.

Responding to Swift's announcement on Thursday, Musk tweeted, “Congrats,” followed by another tweet humorously noting, “Some risk of popularity decline after this award. I speak from experience lol.” The comments triggered a flurry of responses. With users expressing skepticism and some questioning Musk's need to insert his opinions.

Critics highlighted differences between Musk and Swift. But mostly, emphasizing Taylor's achievements and contrasting them with Musk's controversial statements. One user pointed out, “Well, Taylor didn't earn her money off the backs of mine workers.” While another noted, “Taylor doesn't ruin everything she touches.” Some users urged Musk to simply offer congratulations without veering into personal commentary.

As the Twitter debate unfolded, one user quipped, “Elon Musk try not to make everything about himself challenge.” Others criticized Musk's unnecessary commentary, with one remarking, “Elon will always be Elon. That last tweet was so unnecessary.”

Meanwhile, Musk's supporters previously questioned Swift's Person of the Year award, attributing it to her relationship with American football player Travis Kelce and minimizing her accomplishments throughout the year.

While Musk was TIME's Person of the Year in 2021, Swift's selection marked a significant moment in her ongoing career. In her original tweet, Swift expressed gratitude for the feature. She highlighted the interview conducted by @samlansky and reflected on the notable personalities who contributed to the article.