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Ep. 2019:48 – Rams Talk Tour Around the League lands in Seattle and Atlanta

Derek Ciapala continues the 2019 Tour Around the League with Locked on Falcons’ Aaron Freeman and Seahawk Maven’s Corbin Smith to get a look at the Atlanta Falcons and the Seattle Seahawks.

Derek kicks off the show with Locked on Falcons host Aaron Freeman. They discuss how things fell apart for the Falcons last season and analyze what Atlanta did in the offseason to address their flaws. They also look at where the Falcons fit in the NFC South at this point.

The second segments opens with Seahawk Maven’s Corbin Smith. The Rams Talk Radio regular returns to review the Seahawks’ 2018 season and break down what became an interesting offseason. Smith answers the question of whether or not Seattle has caught the Rams and what he expects out of the team next season.

Finally, Derek addresses some of the more recent news stories coming out concerning the Rams. He briefly discusses Jared Goff’s ranking as a top 25 player under the age of 25, per Pro Football Focus. Derek also questions whether or not newly signed linebacker Ketner Kupp can make the team. Finally Derek quickly covers whether or not Darrell Henderson will actually bring the “Kamara Element” to the Rams offense.

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