According to a trusted leaker, Farming Simulator 22 is likely to be the free mystery game on the Epic Games Store from May 23 to May 30. Normally, Epic Games Store users get advanced notice about the weekly free games, but during mystery game promotions, the titles are kept secret. Currently, the store is running one of these promotions.

The first mystery game offered was Dragon Age: Inquisition, available for free until May 23 at 10:00 AM CT. At that time, it will be replaced by the next mystery game. While it is not officially confirmed, a reliable source from Dealabs suggests that Farming Simulator 22 will be the free game for the week of May 23. There is also a chance it could be the free game from May 30 to June 6, so fans should stay tuned.

Epic Games Store Free Mystery Games For May 2024

  • Dragon Age: Inquisition (May 16 โ€“ May 23)
  • RUMORED: Farming Simulator 22 (May 23 โ€“ May 30)
  • TBD (May 30 โ€“ June 6)
  • TBD (June 6 โ€“ June 13)

According to Dealabs, four free games will be given away during this mystery game promotion. With Dragon Age: Inquisition currently free and Farming Simulator 22 rumored for next week, the remaining two free games are still unknown. There seems to be no specific genre, developer, or publisher theme, as seen with the RPG Dragon Age: Inquisition from BioWare and EA, and the farming simulation game Farming Simulator 22 from GIANTS Software.

Fallout Games Unlikely To Join Epic Games Store's Promotion

This also means the classic Fallout games โ€” Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel โ€” are unlikely to be part of this promotion, even though they are expected to be free on the Epic Games Store at some point this year. This is an exciting time for PC gamers with multiple free games available: three on Steam and Dragon Age: Inquisition on the Epic Games Store. Next week might bring Farming Simulator 22 as a freebie, but it could also be something entirely unexpected.

Epic Games Store has built a reputation for offering high-quality games for free, and these mystery game promotions add an element of surprise and excitement for its users. The current promotion, which started with Dragon Age: Inquisition, has already garnered significant attention and anticipation.

Farming Simulator 22 is a popular game among fans of simulation games. Developed by GIANTS Software, it offers players an immersive farming experience, allowing them to manage their farms, grow crops, raise livestock, and operate machinery. If the rumor proves true, it will be a valuable addition to the library of Epic Games Store users.

The practice of giving away free games has been a significant part of Epic Games Store's strategy to attract and retain users. By offering a diverse range of titles, the platform caters to various gaming preferences and keeps its user base engaged. The mystery game promotions, in particular, create a buzz within the gaming community, leading to speculation and discussions about potential titles.

Anticipation Builds For Upcoming Mystery Games

The confirmation of Farming Simulator 22 as the next free game would align with Epic Games Store's trend of featuring popular and diverse titles in its free game offerings. However, the possibility of a different game being released adds an element of unpredictability to the promotion.

As the current mystery game promotion progresses, gamers are eagerly awaiting the official announcement of the next free title. The excitement surrounding these promotions underscores the impact of free game giveaways on the gaming community and highlights the role of platforms like Epic Games Store in shaping gaming experiences.

In addition to the rumored Farming Simulator 22, the remaining two free games for the mystery promotion period are still under speculation. With no specific theme or pattern to the selected titles, the anticipation for these games remains high. The variety of genres and game types keeps the promotion interesting and ensures that there is something for everyone.

PC gamers are encouraged to stay updated on the latest announcements from the Epic Games Store to take advantage of these free game offerings. Whether it is Farming Simulator 22 or another surprise title, the upcoming free game is expected to draw significant interest and participation from the gaming community.

The leaked information about Farming Simulator 22 being the free game for May 23 to May 30 has generated buzz and speculation. However, until the official announcement is made, the true identity of the next free game remains a mystery. Gamers are advised to keep an eye on the Epic Games Store for the latest updates and to claim their free games as they become available.

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