Epic Games recently announced that Fortnite will have a collaboration with the Fallout universe. The developers also revealed that the events that will take place in Chapter 5 Season 3 Wrecked will be “courtesy of the Brotherhood of Steel”. The game's upcoming season will launch on May 24, 2024.

The developers are yet to announce what content is coming in the next season. However, given that Season 3 will mainly be post-apocalyptic themed, it's more than likely that the majority of the battle pass and the map's content will revolve around the Fallout universe.

Leaked Battle Pass Items

While Fortnite's collaboration with Fallout is exciting, many are dying to know what items and skins are coming to the battle pass. Unfortunately, Epic Games didn't reveal anything as of the time of this writing. However, Vice President and Co-Founder of Epic Games Mark Rein recently teased a skin called “Nitro”. Prominent Fortnite leaker FNBRintel posted a picture of Nitro on X (formerly known as Twitter) and pointed out that Rein could be hinting at the skin coming to the battle pass.

Aside from the possibility of Nitro coming to the battle pass, it's likely that other post-apocalyptic-themed skins are coming as well. This also includes skins from the Mad Max universe. Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga comes out in cinemas on May 24, 2024, coincidentally the same date as Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3. Given the circumstances, the next season may be more than a collaboration with the Fallout universe.

Another prominent Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR also revealed a potential skin coming to the battle pass. The leaker uploaded an image of what the skin looks like showcasing its post-apocalyptic features such as a skull mask and some spikes around his outfit. There currently isn't a name for the skin, but based on how it looks, there's a high chance of it coming to the game.

What Fallout Fans Want to See in Collaboration with Fortnite

Having very limited information currently out there, we can't help but wonder what items are possibly coming to the game. Being Fallout fans ourselves, there are several aspects of the franchise we want to see make it to the battle royale. Having that said, here are our predictions and picks for Fallout content we want in Fortnite. Readers should take this section of the article with a grain of salt as some of these picks may or may not make it to the game.

Power Armor

One can't call it a Fallout game if they don't have access to any type of Power Armor. Given how the Brotherhood of Steel is coming to Fortnite, it's more than likely that Power Armors will exist in-game. However, it's difficult to say if Epic Games plans to turn them into skins or if it'll be a utility vehicle in battle royale modes.

In our opinion, it seems like a waste to make a suit as strong as the Power Armor a simple cosmetic item. It makes more sense if players can find the armor in various parts of the battle royale map and fight their way to victory while having an extra layer of protection.

Fallout-themed Items

The Wasteland has a plethora of unique items and weapons that would be fun to use in a game like Fortnite. One example is the Nuka Launcher, which is arguably the strongest weapon in the Fallout universe. The battle royale game is no stranger to having Rocket Launchers in-game. Getting access to the Nuka Launcher guarantees more chaotic fun when fighting for that victory royale. The same goes for other Fallout-themed weapons.

Aside from weapons, it'll be cool to loot various medical supplies such as Stimpaks. The developers can either replace the traditional Med Kits and Bandages with Fallout-themed meds or throw them in addition to the existing healing items in-game.

Iconic Fallout Companions

Fortnite's collaboration with Fallout unlocks a door to recreating moments in the Wasteland. Back in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5, Epic Games introduced NPCs in the game. Players had the option to either purchase items from them, complete quests or hire them as companions whose goal is to protect. With that in mind, having iconic characters from the Fallout universe seems like the perfect opportunity to recreate the game's companion system.

We'd like to see characters like Dogmeat, Piper, and a bunch of other characters from the Brotherhood of Steal and Minutemen. It'll be like exploring the Wasteland all over again but in a battle royale setting.

A Standalone Fallout Collaboration Fortnite Game Mode

While playing an actual Fallout game makes more sense for getting the full Wasteland experience, not everyone has the luxury of playing these paid games. Epic Games and Bethesda now have the opportunity to make a fun mode wherein players can take on menacing creatures of the Fallout universe. They can either create a PvE mode or a PvP wherein players assume the role of Ghouls, mutated creatures, animals, and insects to take on the Wastelanders.

Having a standalone Fortnite game mode seems a bit out of the question, however, it doesn't feel impossible to pull off either. We think that pulling the trigger on a new limited-time game mode will benefit both parties. An influx of players could infest Fortnite's servers, while the existing player fanbase of the game gets a glimpse of what Fallout is like, which could lead to them purchasing one of the games.

Everything remains to be seen for now. In the meantime, all players can do is wait for Fortnite's collaboration with Fallout to launch in less than a week.

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