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ESPN reporter Adam Schefter’s ‘conflict of interest’ with Patriots owner Robert Kraft, revealed

Adam Schefter, Robert Kraft, Patriots, ESPN

ESPN NFL reporter Adam Schefter is arguably the main man to go to for inside scoops on the league. However, his latest move could potentially be a conflict of interest.

Schefter has now become business partners with New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft in a gambling company called Boom Entertainment, which makes sports and casino gambling apps. However, as Sopan Deb notes for Bloomberg, it could potentially play a factor in his reporting if he has money riding on games:

Adam Schefter’s stock in trade are football scoops such as new contracts, trades, injuries, starting line-ups and the other gossipy stuff that gives viewers a sense of who’s up or down, and who might win or lose. That information is also valuable to gamblers — or anyone who might own, say, a sizeable stake in a newfangled gambling company interested in digital sports betting. Viewers, and Schefter’s 8.5 million Twitter followers, might end up wondering whether he will shade his opinions or bury important information if he directly or indirectly has money riding on games and athletes. It gives a whole new meaning to “NFL Insider,” but ESPN seems unconcerned.

This is very interesting, to say the least. Adam Schefter is always the first one to release breaking news, but could things change now that he’s an investor in a gambling company? I mean, probably not, but it definitely will cross the mind. As Deb said, ESPN doesn’t seem concerned about his new partnership, either.

The most intriguing part is the business venture with Robert Kraft. Maybe Adam Schefter will have a soft spot for the Patriots now, who knows.