Every known tattoo on Dwight Howard's body
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Dwight Howard

Every known tattoo on Dwight Howard’s body

Did you know that Dwight Howard spent 13 seasons in the NBA without a single tattoo? This was because he always had religious beliefs which led him to consider his body as a temple. However, he changed his mind in the 2018 offseason when he was in China and he finally decided to put some ink on his arms and chest.

While people were speculating at that time on whether it was just temporary or not, now we know that they are definitely real. Whether the move was brought by a mid-life crisis, peer pressure from the Washington Wizards, or for whatever reason, Dwight Howard looks heavily inked and it’s pretty hard to imagine him at this point without any tattoos anymore. That rates as a notable shift in reality, but it did indeed happen. Life is complicated and things change.

Here, we take a look at every known tattoo on his body and go through them one by one.

1. ‘Pair of lions’ tattoo on left arm

This came as the biggest and most noticeable surprise. Dwight Howard covered up his massive shoulders with a pair of lions on the upper portion of his left arm. All tattoos are intentional choices of how a person wants to present himself or herself, and this was Howard’s choice.

Dwight Howard/Instagram

2. ‘Owl carrying a snake” tattoo on the chest of Dwight Howard

As for his chest, he has an owl holding a snake with the seeing eye in the middle. This was inked by Will Payne.

3. ‘King Kong’ tattoo on his waist

On his waist, King Kong can be seen walking out of a city in distress. Will Payne was also the artist behind the tattoo.


4. ‘Sleeve’ tattoo on the right arm of Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard’s right arm is heavily inked with a plethora of different designs. In the upper portion, there seems to be a religious figure, a snake, the Egyptian god Anubis, and some other small unidentifiable tattoos. Underneath them, a snake and an eagle can be seen. These are not simple designs and patterns.

Noah Murray/USA TODAY Sports – Dwight Howard