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Every NBA video game streamer

Where were you when you found out that the NBA season had been suspended? The news certainly hit us all like a freight train. It all happened so fast that we didn’t know if it was true or if it really meant what we understood it to mean.

Like some of you, I was still in the office when the news broke through social media. Others must have been chilling at home, maybe watching some Netflix before getting a text from your buddy.

If you found out while live streaming your Call of Duty Warzone game, then you’d be just like Devin Booker.

The shock in Booker’s reaction was the exact same one we had. But as we see from the video clip, he still continued to play after he found out about the news.

That’s probably because, deep within the crevices of his basketball-loving brain, he knew that it meant that he could finally play video games and stream all day long.

Booker’s not alone in that regard. A lot of the younger generation of NBA stars have taken to their love of video games while they’re stuck in quarantine just like the rest of us.

Here’s a list of NBA players who might just kill you in Fortnite:

Luka Doncic – Dallas Mavericks

Channel: Doncic99

Games: Fortnite

Mavs star Luka Doncic is so good that we forget that he’s just a few years removed from being a teenager. Like a youngster who just heard classes were suspended, he immediately took to video games and set up his Twitch account the day after the suspension was announced. I wouldn’t mind teaming up with Luka for a couple of rounds of Fortnite if the chance ever comes.

Alex Caruso – Los Angeles Lakers


Games: Fortnite

The GOAT Alex Caruso is transcending his own sport, and entering the world of E-Sports. Well, kind of.He recently let it be known to the world that he’s taking the Caru-show online with an announcement that he’ll move on to being a professional video game streamer during the quarantine. Caruso is only 26, so he still has a few good years left playing for the Lakers. But he might have a fall back once he hangs it all up.

Devin Booker – Phoenix Suns


GamesCall of Duty: WarzoneApex LegendsNBA2K

Devin Booker clearly takes his video games seriously. We saw his focus and dedication to his comrades even after hearing about the suspension of the NBA. He’s clearly a man who knows the importance of a good Call of Duty: Warzone load-out. He also won the NBA’s official NBA 2k tournament, beating his Phoenix Suns teammate, DeAndre Ayton in the process. Booker is clearly lethal in more than one type of arena.

De’Aaron Fox – Phoenix Suns


GamesCall of Duty, Dragon Ball FighterZFortnite

Sacramento Kings star guard De’Aaron Fox is known as a dangerous transition threat on the basketball court. But in online circles, the man goes by the name of swipathefox. He’s also somehow just as competitive with his video games as he is with real life sports competitions. Just don’t challenge him to a game of 2k, because Fox apparently thinks the game is “trash“.

Maybe use another team aside from your Sacramento Kings, De’Aaron?

Josh Hart – New Orleans Pelicans


GamesCall of DutyFortnite, FIFA, Battlefield

Just like the rest of us, Josh Hart grew up sleeping beside his controller. Or should I say not sleeping? Hart is into basically all the major sports games for basketball, american football, and soccer. But recently he’s been an huge fan of the Gen Z favorite – Fortnite. Here’s what Hart had to say during an interview with Forbes magazine a year ago.

“I’ve been playing video games since I was a little kid, and as I got older and played games like Madden, it was fun to connect with friends and talk trash,” Hart said to Forbes yesterday by phone. “I’m a pretty competitive person and playing Fortnite and FIFA 19 just plays into that.”

Karl-Anthony Towns – Minnesota Timberwolves


GamesCall of DutyPUBG

Minnesota Timberwolves franchise stud Karl-Anthony Towns is one of the most avid video game lovers in the NBA. He’s taken to streaming as well as a way to showcase his love for the games he plays. Towns shared in an interview with ESPN a few years back that his love for video games might have started at a Pizza Hut arcade as a kid.

“I remember my dad and my mom realized how much I loved playing those games, so every time I went there, I was blessed with Pizza Hut employees giving me a quarter because we used to wait.

Most of the time you walked in, you ordered, and you waited, so I remember Pizza Hut people would give me a quarter and let me go and play a game or two.

I was blessed to be in the town I lived in. People always gave me quarters when they were rolling by, and I played the game until the food came out.”

Watch out for their gamer tags, guys. You might just be facing off with one of these NBA stars in the Gulag sometime soon.