Tekken Director Katsuhiro Harada recently revealed every character's age and birthday on social media.

Tekken is a long-running video game franchise that has been around for almost three decades now. With that in mind, many of the beloved characters that are still in Tekken 8 have most likely aged by a lot. That being said, here are the ages and birthdays of all characters in the game.

Tekken 8 Characters' Ages and Birthdays

Before anything else, we will only list down the ages and birthdays of each Tekken 8 character that's in the current roster. We will update this article once new characters join the pool of fighters.

Alisa (November 30 – Unknown)Tekken 8 Characters Age and Birthday

Alisa Bosconovitch became an essential character in the Tekken storyline when she made her first appearance in Tekken 6. She immediately caught the fans' attention due to her highly combative fighting style. What makes this android unique is that she can soar through the skies, shoot rockets, and has chainsaws for her hands. If that's not intimidating, then we don't know what is.

Given that she's an android, Alisa doesn't necessarily age. However, she still has a birthday considering how being created is technically a form of birth.

Asuka (December 5 – 18 Years Old)

Asuka Kazama was first introduced in Tekken 5 as the mysterious member of the Kazama family. Nobody knew what her exact relationship was with Jin Kazama. In fact, many previously believed that they were likely distant cousins. However, after the events that took place in Tekken 8, we now know that Asuka and Jin are siblings.

Before Jun Kazama's return in the latest Tekken installment, Asuka served as the only fighter utilizing the traditional Kazama style of fighting. She'll do everything she can to defend the Kazama pride even if it means beating down her friends and family.

Azucena (June 30 – Unknown)Tekken Character Age and Birthday

One of the newest additions to the Tekken roster is Azucena Milagros Ortiz Castillo. She came out of nowhere and suddenly became an essential part of the Tekken 8 story. Aside from her mixed martial arts background and her love for coffee, there isn't much information regarding her.

Bryan (June 8 – 32 Years Old)

Bryan Fury is one of the craziest characters in the Tekken franchise. The once-upon-a-time human turned into a cyborg has only one thing in mind and that's to rid the world of Yoshimitsu. He is a hard-hitting fighter who is known for always carrying his Gatling gun. While he will technically shoot down whatever stands in his way, his priority will always be the leader of the Manji Clan.

Claudio (May 21 – Unknown)Tekken Character Age and Birthday

Claudio Serafino is one of the most unique characters in the franchise. First introduced in Tekken 7, Claudio is an exorcist who could easily take anyone out if messed around with. He utilizes the Sirius Exorcist Arts which give him superhuman powers to rid the world of pure evil.

Claudio plays a vital role in Tekken 8. After learning about Heihachi's intentions in Tekken 7, the exorcist continues on his quest to get rid of the devil (Kazuya).

Devil Jin (Unknown – Infinite)

Devil Jin is basically Jin Kazama in his devil form. Jin, being Kazuya Mishima's son, unfortunately inherited the cursed devil gene that Heihachi has been trying to get rid of since getting together with his wife Kazumi.

Fans got a glimpse of Devil Jin all the way back in Tekken 3 and 4. However, it wasn't until Tekken 5 that players got to play as him and abuse the devil gene's power. While Devil Jin is technically still Jin Kazama, his age becomes infinite as long as he remains in his powerful form.

Dragunov (May 11 – 27 Years Old)Tekken Character Age and Birthday

Sergei Dragunov, also known as The White Angel of Death, is a Russian special op. His goal in Tekken is to capture and bring home the devil gene for further study. However, since making his appearance in Tekken 5, he is yet to accomplish his mission.

Eddy (February 20 – 30 Years Old)

Despite being in every game since his debut in Tekken 3, Eddy is now the first DLC character of Tekken 8. The capoeira master always had one goal in mind and that was to get revenge on Kazuya Mishima for killing his father. Eddy was technically non-existent in the storyline before coming to the latest installment of the Tekken franchise. However, his comeback appears to be explained in a future update that features a new chapter involving the Indomitable Flash.

Feng (April 14 – 27 Years Old)Tekken Character Age and Birthday

Feng Wei is a Taijiquan master who'll do anything he can to gain power. The Chinese warrior made his debut back in Tekken 5 and has been on the roster since. While Feng has proven to be a formidable foe in the King of Iron Fist Tournament, he found his match after facing Leroy Smith.

Hwoarang (July 15 – 22 Years Old)

Hwoarang is a fierce Taekwondo fighter who is the rival of Jin Kazama. He and Jin's first encounter took place in a street fight which ended in a draw. Given Hwoarang's lust to be the strongest fighter, he has always wanted to become better than Jin. From Tekken 3 until the present day, their rivalry remains, however, a low-key friendship also grew. This is likely due to their common goal of taking out Kazuya Mishima.

Jack-8 (June 6 – Unknown)Tekken Character Age and Birthday

Similarly to Alisa Bosconovitch, Jack-8 is also an android. That means he doesn't necessarily have an age but also has a creation date, which should technically be his birthday. Jack is a recurring character in the Tekken series who constantly gets upgraded for each installment that comes out. He is arguably at his strongest now in Tekken 8 with new abilities added to his arsenal.

Jin (August 5 – 22 Years Old)

The main protagonist of the Tekken franchise is Jin Kazama since his first appearance in the third game. Despite Jin having the devil gene, he always found himself doing the right thing thanks to his mother's guidance. Although there came a point when Jin made questionable decisions, his goal has always been to defeat the monster that cursed him with the devil gene in the first place.

Without spoiling anything, Tekken 8 tells the story of how Jin takes on the challenge of defeating his father Kazuya Mishima.

Jun (September 18 – 44 Years Old)Tekken Character Age and Birthday

Jun Kazama is one of the most mysterious characters in Tekken history. While everyone is aware that she is the mother of Jin Kazama and the lover of Kazuya Mishima, her existence in the world remains a mystery after getting taken out by Ogre in Tekken 3.

Initially, fans thought she was alive after making a surprising appearance in the Tekken 8 trailers. However, after the latest events that took place in the game, no one can say for sure if she's alive or not. The best guess we can make about her is that she's most likely missing and is still finding her way back to her family.

Kazuya (November 2 – 50 Years Old)

Honestly, Kazuya Mishima is the most messed up character in the series. He grew up with a father who wanted to kill him for possessing the devil gene. At the time, Kazuya wasn't aware of his powers, hence his confusion about why he was being treated the way he was. Eventually, his devil powers came out, and vowed to not only take revenge on his father but also take over the world.

In Tekken 8, the game's story tells fans how exactly Kazuya plans to dominate the world.

King (May 26 – 31 Years Old)Tekken Character Age and Birthday

The King in Tekken 8 is technically another luchador behind the mask. The first King was killed by Ogre. Then came the second King who made his first appearance in Tekken 3. King 2 was close friends with King 1 and vowed to do right by the mask.

Given that King 2 is running an orphanage, he participates in the war between G Corporation and the Mishima Zaibatsu in Tekken 8 to help save the kids.

Kuma (April 26 – 11 Years Old)

Kuma II is the son of the original Kuma and both of them served as the bodyguards of Heihachi Mishima. The younger Kuma made his debut in Tekken 3 and mostly filled in the shoes of his father. Meaning to say, aside from taking on the responsibilities of guarding Heihachi, he also had to finish his father's unsettled business with his rival Paul Phoenix.

Lars (September 27 – 29 Years Old)Tekken Character Age and Birthday

Lars Alexandersson is the illegitimate child of Heihachi Mishima who also wants to get rid of his half-brother Kazuya Mishima. While Lars technically worked with the Mishima Zaibatsu for a time, he remained firm on fighting for a better cause and went rogue.

In Tekken 8, Lars teams up with his nephew Jin Kazama to try and put a stop to Kazuya's evil intentions of world domination.

Lee (August 8 – 49 Years Old)

Lee Chaolan is a fighter who unfortunately got mixed up with the Mishima mess. He was adopted by Heihachi Mishima and for a time served as the series' secondary antagonist. However, given the supernatural events that took place in recent memory, Lee is now technically a good guy as he teams up with his foster nephew Jin Kazama.

Leo (March 24 – 20 Years Old)Tekken Character Age and Birthday

As of Tekken 8, Leo Kliesen remains the only gender-neutral human fighter in the series. Initially introduced in Tekken 6, Leo becomes an essential part of Jin Kazama's team in Tekken 8 to help him put a stop to Kazuya Mishima.

Leroy (May 16 – Unknown)

Leroy Smith made his debut in Tekken 7 as part of the DLC characters in the Season 3 pass. However, he technically already existed in the events of Tekken 3 after Leroy made an appearance in the Netflix animated series Tekken: Bloodline. Being a master of Wing Chun, he helps Jin Kazama in Tekken 8 find himself by exchanging fists.

No one knows what exactly his age is but it's safe to assume that he's above 50 years of age.

Lidia (December 3 – Unknown)Tekken Character Age and Birthday

Lidia Sobieska is the second DLC character in Tekken 8. First introduced in Tekken 7 also as a DLC character for the Season 4 pass, Lidia became the Prime Minister of Poland at the early age of 29 years old. By the time she entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament, no one really knew how old she was. However, given the timeline, it's safe to assume that she could be in her early to mid-30s.

Lili (November 11 – 17 Years Old)

Emilie de Rochefort, better known as Lili, is a teenager who loves to fight. Born and raised in a wealthy family, Lili sneaks away from her father and secretly participates in every King of Iron Fist Tournaments she can. She didn't necessarily have any formal training as she taught herself how to fight. However, her self-taught style is one of the trickiest matchups in Tekken which makes Lili both a beloved and hated character, depending on which side she's on.

Law (September 10 – 49 Years Old)Tekken Character Age and Birthday

Clearly a Bruce Lee-inspired character, Marshall Law is a broke chef who will do anything he can to become rich. He is best friends with Paul Phoenix and later on formed a bond with Steve Fox. Law is a character people don't want to mess with given his mastery in Jeet Kune Do.

Nina (July 25 – 44 Years Old)

Nina Williams is a trained assassin who is exceptional in combat and can carry herself in a fight even against one of Tekken's most powerful foes. While Nina seems to be not aging a day she's actually already 44 years old in Tekken 8. The reason behind her youthful appearance is due to her being frozen for 20 years. Nevertheless, Nina remains one of the most attractive and dangerous characters in the Tekken franchise.

Panda (October 28 – 10 Years Old)Tekken Character Age and Birthday

If Heihachi Mishima had a bodyguard, so did Ling Xiaoyu. Panda served as the bodyguard and best friend of Xiaoyu. Back in the earlier years of Tekken, Xiaoyu was a minor who wanted to participate in the King of Iron Fist Tournament. Given that she studied in Heihachi's school, he trained Panda similarly to how he trained Kuma so she could protect Xiaoyu from the dangers of the tournament. To this day, Panda remains a faithful friend and guard to Xiaoyu.

Paul (April 3 – 49 Years Old)

Paul Phoenix is one of the fighters in the Tekken universe who joined the tournament to prove that he's the strongest. In this first King of Iron Fist Tournament, the only fighter who he believed matched his skill was Kazuya Mishima. Eventually, Paul's claims of being the strongest in the universe became a stretch and became one of the series' comedic reliefs alongside his best friend Marshall Law. However, his claims are sometimes true as he can be a menacing opponent to match up against.

Raven (July 11 – Unknown)Tekken Character Age and Birthday

Raven is a secret agent working for the United Nations. He specializes in ninjutsu and is considered to be one of the deadliest assassins in the world. His role is to stop conflicts from happening. Unfortunately, he is still yet to put a stop to the Mishima conflict.

Given that Raven is a secret agent, not much is known about his age.

Reina (October 13 – Unknown)

Tekken 8 introduced another illegitimate child of Heihachi Mishima. Reina Mishima is the sister of Kazuya Mishima and Lars Alexandersson and is also the aunt of Jin Kazama. Reina is a character that came out of nowhere. Jin nor Kazuya is aware of her relationship with them. That being said, not even her age is known. All we know is, Reina is another fighter making use of the Mishima style and is wreaking havoc in the King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Shaheen (November 19 – Unknown)Tekken Character Age and Birthday

Similarly to Eddy Gordo, Shaheen lost a loved one at the hands of Kazuya Mishima. After finding out about Kazuya's crimes, he enters the tournament to exact his revenge on the Mishima. Nothing much is known about Shaheen despite already being on the main roster back in Tekken 7.

Steve (April 10 – 22 Years Old)

Steve Fox, technically the son of Nina Williams, is a genetically enhanced British boxer who wanted to learn more about his past. In Tekken 7, Steve partially achieved that goal after finding out that Nina's genes were genetically infused to him in an experiment. While his story may be dark, he is also an occasional comic relief alongside Marshall Law and Paul Phoenix.

Victor (November 23 – Unknown)Tekken Character Age and Birthday

Victor Chevalier is another new character introduced in Tekken 8. He is a super spy hailing from France who aims to save those in need. Given the events that take place in the game, his alliance is with Jin Kazama as they try to stop Kazuya Mishima from taking over the world.

Yoshimitsu (April 29 – Unknown)

Yoshimitsu, the leader of the notorious Manji Clan, joined the tournament to save a life. He was once saved by Dr. Bosconovitch. After learning about his savior living in his last few breaths, the swordsman learned that Ogre's blood could save him. Yoshimitsu then entered the tournament and successfully returned the favor. These days, he simply acts as Bryan Fury's nemesis and fights to protect his most precious friend.

Xiaoyu (April 7 – 19 Years Old)Tekken Character Age and Birthday

Ling Xiaoyu is a Chinese martial arts master who learned from the late Wang Jinrei. After moving to Japan to study, she met Jin Kazama wherein she developed romantic feelings for him. Since then, Xiaoyu and Jin slightly had a Hinata and Naruto dynamic wherein the Chinese fighter would watch her beloved from the shadows hoping that he one day notice her.

Without spoiling too much, Tekken 8 will show the evolution of Xiaoyu and Jin's relationship.

Zafina (February 7 – 24 Years Old)

Zafina is one of the more bizarre characters in the Tekken franchise. She uses Ancient Assassination Arts and has incorporated using Azazel's powers after sealing him away in her body after the events of Tekken 6. Her goal in Tekken 8 is to ensure Jin Kazama fulfills his destiny to take down the evil of their world.

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