The Atlanta Falcons offense has been struggling this year, and a big reason has been Matt Ryan not having any time to throw the ball, which has resulted in him taking a ton of hits, and that's a big concern for the organization.

So far this season, Ryan has been sacked 36 times through 12 games, which puts him on pace to be sacked the highest total of his career (in 2013 he was sacked 44 times).

Falcons coach Dan Quinn is concerned about all the hits taking place, but he thinks it might not actually be the protection, but rather the third and longs that are contributing to all the hits.

“Well, No. 1, I’m concerned about it because if we’re not protecting him in the way that we can, then that gets hard,” Falcons coach Dan Quinn said, via Vaughn McClure of “And there’s some games that the score’s out of whack and it turns into a dropback game where there’s going to be more chances for a defense to go after him.

“At the end of it, yeah, I’m concerned. But I’m as concerned about us playing as well as we can. And if we do do that, and if we play better on some of the third downs and allow some of our run game to get going again, I would anticipate those numbers going back the other way in terms of hits on Matt.”

If the hits keep coming and with the Falcons out of the playoff race, the team should take a close look to see if it's worth having him on the field, because it seems an injury could be coming.