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Falcons’ practices involve brutally honest criticism but no attempts to embarrass anyone

Atlanta Falcons

It turns out Atlanta Falcons practices involve brutally honest criticism. However, these criticisms aren’t meant to embarrass anyone.

A prime example of this involved Falcons wide receivers coach Raheem Morris, per The Athletic’s Jason Butt.

Morris recalled a moment in practice when he felt he was doing the righty thing by offering extra instruction to his receivers. Atlanta’s practices move quickly, however, and the previous period was over.

‘Not cool,’ (Falcons head coach Dan) Quinn told Morris.

‘It took him days to come out of that one,’ (assistant coach Steven) Scarnecchia said. ‘It cut him deep.’

Coaches get both sides of it from Quinn. He’ll heap praise upon them, such as when Quinn told reporters that (Jeff) Ulbrich was ‘the best linebackers coach on the planet’ during rookie minicamp.

Ulbrich later said that Quinn has also told him, ‘You’ve absolutely let me down.’

‘He doesn’t do it like like he’s shaming,’ Ulbrich said. ‘It’s like, ‘You left me drowning.’

Morris emphasized to Butt he works harder for Quinn “because of what I seem him do for other people.” Morris says Quinn “genuinely cares about other people.” Because of that, the last thing Morris wants to happen is to disappoint Quinn. The latter says that kind of motivation makes for a better work environment.

Falcons head coach Dan Quinn is all about transparency. He will tell you what he thinks. He will not hold back. However, he doesn’t demean anybody. This is one head coach who genuinely cares for his staff and players. For that, the Atlanta Falcons couldn’t be more fortunate.