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Falcons QB Matt Ryan talks fourth quarter mindset

Matt Ryan, Falcons

In case you were somehow unaware, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is good at playing his position in the National Football League. That being said, he’s been on the wrong end of some jokes due to Atlanta collapsing against the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

On Monday night, with a lead over the Seattle Seahawks in the fourth quarter, it could have been a callback to that somber game for the gunslinger. Instead, at least according to him, Matt Ryan doesn’t let that stuff trot about the insides of his cranium.

“To me, I try not to let those things creep in,” Ryan said, via PFT. “You can ask guys on the sideline, I’m always thinking situationally, so what is going to happen if they do this, if we do that. So you try not to let those things creep in and think about it and again, I’ve played long enough to know that you have no idea how things are going to shake out.”

The Falcons are starting to figure some stuff out after a weird start to the season. Matt Ryan is obviously pumped about all of this. This would not be the case, however, if the Seahawks were able to force overtime, which Ryan explained.

“Yeah, I mean, it beats the alternative. You don’t have momentum going into it (overtime). So it is good for us. Obviously, winning games, finding ways to win, that is huge. Getting back is going to be great for us.”

Are the Atlanta Falcons back?