Falcons news: Vic Beasley says 'my word for this year is consistency'
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Falcons’ Vic Beasley says ‘my word for this year is consistency’

Vic Beasley, Falcons

Vic Beasley hasn’t been consistent for the Atlanta Falcons. After four years of play, he has three five-or-less sack seasons, and one league-leading 15.5 sack one (2016). As of now, that year looks like an outlier. Considering he’s missed two games throughout his career (both 2017), it could look the same way for Atlanta.

Beasley is looking to change that. His key for the season is consistency, as he told The Athletic’s Jeff Schultz:

“I told Q [head coach Dan Quinn] I wanted to be consistent. He understood. My word for this year is consistency. So you can put that down,” said Beasley after Schultz asked what his conversations with Quinn have been like.

In his rookie year, the former eighth overall pick set high expectations for himself, but he didn’t hit that. So, he’s not going to set a landmark sack total for the season, as he told Schultz,

“My first year coming into the league with the hype, I didn’t live up to that and didn’t get double-digit sacks like I wanted. So lesson learned. So for me, my goal now is just to be consistent each and every year.”

Beasley is going into a contract year, as the Falcons exercised his nearly $13 million fifth-year option in the 2019 offseason. He’s currently a starter for the Falcons pass-rush, but he’s not guaranteed a spot in the future considering his hit-or-miss career arch.

However, that can all change with a consistent season — similar to his one in 2016 — in 2019. If so, he could be looking at a big payday.