Dana White's Power Slap has never had the best reputation with fans and media alike, and that seems to be the case even more after a recent claim from the UFC president.

Following UFC 288 this past weekend, White revealed how he recently cut a deal for the much-maligned Power Slap that was bigger than the initial deal the UFC cut with SpikeTV back in the day.

He then went on to reveal that Power Slap was killing it on social media — so much so that its social metrics were greater than the NBA, NHL, NFL, F1 and WWE combined.

“The deal that I just cut for Slap is bigger than the UFC deal we cut with SpikeTV after the first season of The Ultimate Fighter,” White said (via MMA Mania). “I don’t give a s**t what the media thinks about it. They don’t matter. … It’s unbelievable. Not only is it unbelievable money-wise, it’s been unbelievable as far as social media goes.

“We’re number one in all of sports, and when I say all of sports — if you take the NBA, NHL, NFL, F1, WWE, and who am I forgetting, and add them all together, their numbers don’t compare to Slap.”

When the reporter seemed extremely doubtful of the claim, White responded: “You can doubt it all you want.”

The UFC head honcho then asked someone at the back to clarify the live stream numbers before saying the following:

“Most of you guys don’t understand social media and how it works,” he said. “… I’ll give you the numbers on Slap that were done by a third party that does this, we didn’t pull the numbers. These guys are like the Nielson numbers for social media. We destroy everything in sports with Power Slap.”

Until we get those numbers, it's safe to say many will remain skeptical of his claims. Twitter certainly was as a number of fans all ripped into White and essentially called him a liar:


In fairness to White, Power Slap does have a great numbers on TikTok. But when comparing across all social media platforms, it still remains extremely hard to believe his claim.

But again, White won't care if people believe him or not. Even if they're watching Power Slap just to laugh at it, he, too, will be laughing.

“I just did a deal that’s bigger than the UFC did when they went on SpikeTV, I don’t give a s**t who’s laughing,” White added. “You know who’s laughing? This guy [points to himself]. That’s who’s laughing.”