The LSU football program now has air-conditioned helmets that they will be using them in practices and games, and a video surfaced of several players trying the new helmet. Needless to say, they are big fans.

The first player to react was Mekhi Wingo.

“That s*** feel good, feels hella good, actually,” Mekhi Wingo said in the video posted by The Athletic. “How long this last?”

Wingo was told the helmets last for five hours, and has them for all of the practices and games.

“Oh s***,” Wingo said. “We got these for like this year? Oh yeah these hard. I mess with them I ain't gonna lie.”

Mac Markway was another player who tried the helmet on in the video.

“That feel good, bro,” Mac Markway said in the video. “Swear, swear. It feel big though. But dude, if I'm running in this, I ain't sweating. At all. It's like cold.”

Various unnamed players from the LSU football program were seen trying on the air-conditioned helmets, and every one of them was a fan, no pun intended.

It will be interesting to see if other programs introduce these same helmets, and how much it helps the LSU football players during the 2023 season.

If the helmets get good reviews and even boost performance for Brian Kelly's players in the heat, it is will undoubtedly lead to other big programs introducing the same helmets.

The introduction of the new helmets shows that Brian Kelly's program will do what it takes to make their players comfortable and able to perform at a high level.