Midgardsormr stands between the player and Chapter 3 in Final Fantasy 7 (FF7) Rebirth. This gigantic snake may prove daunting and scary, but players don't have to worry. In this guide, we will teach you how to beat the Midgardsormr in FF7 Rebirth.

How to Beat Midgardsormr

First off, what is Midgardsormr? Midgardsormr is the gigantic snake that a poster previously warned the player about in the abandoned dock. Although just a warning at first, you do run into Midgardsormr at the end of Chapter 2. His enormous size may prove scary, but he's very straightforward. We will first tackle the boss's attack patterns and special attacks, and their phases. Afterward, we will teach you the Midgardsormr's weaknesses, and how to beat them easily.

Midgardsormr Attack Patterns and Phases

Midgardsormr primarily attacks using its snake body. Its normal attacks include Headbutt, Coil, Sweep, Snap, and Devour. These attacks are straightforward, with the name giving a hint as to how each attack works. These attacks also have a long wind-up, so players can easily block or evade these attacks.

The problem comes with its special attacks, the first of which is Scorching Breath. As the name implies, Midgardsormr will charge up, before releasing a flamethrower-like attack. Next is Thermal Absorption, in which various circles will appear on the ground before erupting. After that is Toxic Waters, in which Midgardsormr releases a poisonous cloud. Lastly, there's Beta, which is similar to Toxic Waters but utilizes fire instead of poison.

Midgardsormr Boss Fight Guide

What players will see once they use Assess on Midgardsormr

For starters, let's talk about its weaknesses. Midgardsormr is weak to Ice, so bring your Ice Materia along. If any of your team has an ice attack like Icy Impulse, bring them along as well. ideally, you have a melee damage dealer, as well as a ranged damage dealer for this fight. Tifa is a good option here, as her fast attacks can easily build up Stagger. Aerith is another good pick as she can do ranged attacks, while also being the team's healer. As long as you can bring a ranged attacker, as well as Ice attacks, you're good to go.

During the first phase, Midgardsormr will primarily use its physical attacks, namely Headbutt, Snap, and Coil. As mentioned above, these attacks have a very visible wind-up, so players will just need to look out for those and either block or dodge the attack. Once players can target the snake's Cranial Dome, they should switch targets to that, as destroying it deals a lot of damage and Stagger, as well as lowering Midgardsormr's defense.

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Once it enters its second phase at around 75% HP, Midgardsormr will start using Devour and Scorching Breath. While you can block Devour, you can't do the same for Scorching Breath. As such, once he starts charging up the attack, the player should run away and wait for the attack to finish. There are two things to watch out for in this phase. The first is when he successfully traps a party member. When this happens, attack its Cranial Dome with ice attacks to break them free. The second is when he goes underwater. Watch its shadow, and avoid it to not get hit by a strong attack.

Other attacks that Midgardsormr starts using in this phase is Thermal Absorption and Toxic Waters. As explained above, make sure to dodge the attacks.

Once it hits around 25% HP, Midgardsormr will become more aggressive and will hit even harder. Chomp will be its attack of choice, as well as Beta. Dodge or block these attacks as necessary, and continue attacking the huge snake. If you have Synergy Abilities or Limit Breaks available, this is the perfect time to use them. Once you whittle its HP down to 0, it will immediately enter a cutscene. Go through the cutscene as normal, and once it is done, you will have officially beaten Midgardsormr in FF7 Rebirth.

That's all for our guide to FF7's Midgardsormr boss. The game is now available exclusively on PlayStation 5. Check out our gaming news articles for the latest in gaming news.