Revolutionary gameplay is here. EA Sports showcases FIFA 22‘s Hypermotion technology that simulates the motion of soccer players in a realistic way. Watch the trailer below to see how it's made:

The feature is a next-gen exclusive feature, meaning you'll need an Xbox Series X or PS5 to experience this in FIFA 22. EA Sports describes Hypermotion technology as one that can revolutionize gameplay. The technology uses advanced 11v11 match capture and machine learning technology to accurately map body movements. Their video further lists down six different features of Hypermotion technology:

  1. Full Team Authentic Motion – makes use of animation data from entire teams to simulate how individual players move in relation to other players on the pitch. For FIFA 22, EA Sports motion-captured an entire football match, all twenty-two players simultaneously, to accurately simulate the physicality of players.
  2. Machine Learning – Flow – an algorithm used to translate motion capture data to accurately simulate the precise movements of players as they approach the ball
  3. Tactical AI – using data based on motion capturing entire teams playing soccer, Tactical AI simulates better how players respond to your movements within the pitch.
  4. Kinetic Air Battles – enhances how players push, pull, and fight over the ball as it lands from the air.
  5. Composed Ball Control – better enhances how players control the ball as they move around the pitch.
  6. Player Humanization – FIFA 22 will feature the most realistic body motion and mannerisms of soccer players, whether or not they have the ball with them

FIFA 22 will also feature six additional updates that will further improve the gameplay experience. These are:

  1. Goalkeeper Rewrite
  2. True Ball Physics
  3. Explosive Sprint
  4. New Attacking Tactics
  5. Immersive Matchday Experience
  6. Bigger Goal Moments

Notwithstanding the big marketing terms used here, what EA Sports really just want to say is that FIFA 22 improves greatly from its predecessor.