Some FIFA 23 Ultimate Team players signed onto the game yesterday noticing something was different. It wasn't a new update or balancing change, but instead a price increase to FIFA Points.

For those who don't know, FIFA points are a currency in recent titles that allow the players to buy Ultimate Team packs with real money. You buy points, which in turn allow you to buy packs off the UT market. The new price change only affects players in certain regions.

EA Sports released a statement on their website. “As we continue to see global economic fluctuations, including significant changes in currency valuation, we’re working to balance prices of our live service content across all currencies globally.”

While prices are increasing in some regions, they will also reduce in others. Currently, it seems the price changes will not affect the U.S.A.

FIFA 23 Point Price Changes

The price changes vary based on region. FIFAUTeam has an extensive list of point price by country.

The following regions have increased point prices on June 1st, 2023. A * denotes the 2nd time prices have increased since the game's launch.

  • *Argentina – All point pack prices have been increased for both regular and EA Play Members.
  • Australia – All point pack prices have been increased for both regular and EA Play Members.
  • Canada – The 100 point pack increased from CAD$ 1.49 –> 1.59 for regular players. CAD$ 1.34 –> 1.43 for EA Play Members. All other prices remain the same.
  • England – All point pack prices have been increased for both regular and EA Play Members.

Brazil's prices have been both reduced and increased. (x) indicates EA Play Price.

  • The 100 point pack remains the same price at R$ 6.00 (R$ 5.40)
  • The 500 and 1,050 point packs have reduced in price
    • 500 = R$ 27.90 (R$ 25.10). Formerly R$ 29.00 (R$ 26.10)
    • 1,050 = R$ 54.90 (R$ 49.40). Formerly R$ 55.00 (R$ 49.50)
  • The 1,600, 2,800, 5,900, and 12,000 point packs have increased in price
    • 1,600 = R$ 80.90 (R$ 72.80). Formerly R$ 79.00 (R$ 71.10)
    • 2,800 = R$ 134.90 (R$121.40). Formerly R$ 125.00 (R$ 112.50)
    • 5,900 = R$ 262.90 (R$ 236.60). Formerly R$ 249.00 (R$ 224.10)
    • 12,000 = R$ 534.90 ($481.40). Formerly R$ 499.00 (R$ 449.10)

What's Next?

There's no telling if the recent wave of price changes will affect just the regions stated above, or if more will receive price increases. For players in England alone, the smallest price increase (which was to the 12,000 point pack) was a 10% increase, according to . This will surely sadden some players, who already don't like the microtransaction system within the game.

But that won't change anything. In the 2021 fiscal year, EA reportedly made $1.6 billion dollars from extra content sales in its Ultimate Team game modes.

Some may question why FIFA Point prices are increased, despite it being a virtual currency that shouldn't really be impacted by inflation. The game has also been a financial success, reaching over 10 million players on its first week of launch. EA is also ending its partnership with FIFA for the next installment, which should technically be saving them money.

It's a head scratcher as to why the prices are being changed now, and why there's still two different kinds of currency. FIFA Coins are much cheaper and you can still buy the packs you need to improve your team. Or players can just save a lot of money by playing the game for free and grinding to get the team they want. Unfortunately, not everybody has the time to do so.

It seems this will be the last price update for FIFA 23's currency system, as the developers are gearing up to launch EA Sports FC. We should hopefully get more details on the game in July.

For more updates on FIFA 23 and the upcoming EA Sports FC, check out ClutchPoints Gaming.