Former Spanish Football Federation President Luis Rubiales continues to double down on the “manufactured campaign” against him after his unsolicited kiss to Spain's star Jenni Hermoso following the historic FIFA Women's World Cup win over England.

Though Rubiales has already resigned after initially refusing to do so, he is still making it clear he feels that the media has used the allegations as a campaign against him. After just recently calling himself a victim of political and media lynching, Rubiales is adding to this sentiment by calling it all a “manufactured campaign.”

“Last August 20th I made some obvious mistakes, which I regret sincerely, from the heart. It is true that for such errors I have asked for forgiveness,” Rubiales said via Radina Gigova, Patrick Sung, and Sophie Tanno of CNN.

“I have learned that no matter how great the joy and deep the emotion, even when A WORLD CUP IS WON, sports leaders must be required to exhibit exemplary behavior, and mine wasn’t.”

It's hard to tell how sincere his apology actually is when he continues to make himself out as the victim and not understand why the unsolicited kiss led to these repercussions. Though for his own sake it's likely Rubiales wants to clear his name so he can once again have an important position in Spanish football, or to improve his reputation.

In the meantime, the Spanish national team won't have to worry about boycotting, and can instead focus on celebrating their World Cup win since Luis Rubiales has been sidelined from his duties.