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Fortnite Friend Referral Program: How to earn a free Rainbow Rider Skin

Fortnite, Fortnite Freind Referral Program, Rainbow Rider Skin

Epic Games is giving players the opportunity to earn a free Rainbow Rider skin via their referral program. Fortnite‘s Friend Referral Program is now live today up until January 10, 2022. Now’s the best time to use all those persuasions skills you’ve learned from video games. 

Active players on Fortnite are now given the task to invite new players in order to earn a free skin. Players must’ve played battle royale for at least 2 hours in the past 30 days to qualify as an active player. Qualifying players can then register at the Fortnite Refer A Friend website to start inviting their friends to play. Players can only invite up to 5 friends for the Fortnite Friend Referral Program. Once completed, a player and their friends are now eligible to earn rewards from the Rainbow Rider Set.

Here’s a list of tasks needed to execute before unlocking each cosmetic from the set:

  • Add a qualifying friend – Rainbow Rider loading screen
  • Play one game in Fortnite battle royale with a referee – Rainbow Rider wrap
  • Place in the top 10 three times with a referee – Rainbow Rider Glider
  • Eliminate 10 opponents while playing with a referee – Rainbow Rider pickaxe
  • Both players earn 60 account levels before January 10, 2022 – Rainbow Rider skin

While this may seem like a great deal for players, getting free cosmetics won’t come easy. Active players must play with their referees who are literally new in the Fortnite world. Meaning to say all active players must guide their referees in order to complete these quests. Plus we suggest that you invite players who are willing to grind their Fortnite accounts until level 60. Nonetheless, it’s still a great offer by Epic Games. Not only is this a great marketing strategy, but, it’s also beneficial to their player base. Sign up for the Fortnite Friend Referral Program today!