Fortnite Rezzbrella is the latest addition to the long lines of all the umbrellas or gliders you can collect in the game. Achieving the Rezzbrella in Fortnite Reload is no easy feat, but with determination and strategy, players can claim this coveted victory umbrella. Here's a guide on how to get your hands on this stylish and exclusive item.

Fortnite Reload went live on Saturday, June 22, 2024, bringing in several rewards for players. One of these rewards is the sought-after victory umbrella, Rezzbrella. Umbrellas act as gliders in Fortnite. Players use their umbrellas to land on the island after jumping from the battle bus. While umbrellas come in various designs, it's important to note that they all serve the same purpose and offer no gameplay advantages beyond their aesthetic appeal.

What is the Fortnite Reload Victory Umbrella

The victory umbrella for the new game mode Fortnite Reload is called the Rezzbrella. It features a design where half of the parasol consists of black sheets, while the other half showcases blue reboot tiles. These blue tiles typically appear when a player gets eliminated, so incorporating them into the victory umbrella's design in Fortnite Reload, a game where players experience continuous cycles of elimination and rebooting, makes perfect sense.

How To Get The Fortnite Rezzbrella

Securing the victory umbrella is straightforward: win a game. Players can obtain their own Rezzbrella by achieving a Victory Royale, specifically within the Fortnite Reload game mode. However, it doesn't matter whether it's in either Zero Build or the regular Battle Royale mode, winning is what counts.

This basically means you have to outlast all players, aside from players in your squad, in the game. Keep in mind that this game mode offers seemingly infinite respawns to all the eliminated players.

The Victory Umbrella is given as a reward to players after they achieve their first Victory Royale in the Fortnite Reload game mode. This means that once a player wins a match in Fortnite Reload, they will receive the Victory Umbrella as a prize. More importantly,  players can claim this reward at any time while Fortnite Reload is available for play. In other words, as long as the game mode is accessible, players have the opportunity to secure the Victory Umbrella by winning a match.

Although it may seem intimidating, it can still be done. Not every game will result in Victory Royale, but persistence is key. Keep honing your skills, learning from each match, and adapting your gameplay to improve your chances of claiming the Rezzbrella. With determination, smart gameplay, and a bit of luck,  you can do it.  You can also add this stylish and exclusive item to your Fortnite collection.

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