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FS1 co-host Kristine Leahy wants FOX Sports to stop feeding LaVar Ball with attention

Kristine Leahy, LaVar Ball

Fox Sports 1’s The Herd with Colin Cowherd co-host Kristine Leahy wants her TV network to stop buying into LaVar Ball‘s call for attention and inviting him for interviews.

Leahy offered her sincere thoughts on Ball after a heated exchange between the two on Tuesday’s show, asking Fox to reconsider its approach toward Ball, who is hoping to say one or more controversial things in every interview, hoping the media clings to it like moths to a flame.

Cowherd offered that while he thought his colleague was being disrespected, she did the right thing by standing up for herself and going toe-to-toe with the Big Baller Brand‘s boss. Cowherd also said that while he was tempted to step in and mediate or stop the interview altogether, he refrained from it, which proved to be the right decision given the amount of headlines (and ratings) that came out of the show.

Ball’s outrageous idea that his brand is now worth up to $3 billion, that the Los Angeles Lakers will make the playoffs with his son on the team, and the “darker side” of him coming out in a heated exchange with Leahy — were all headlines that came from Cowherd’ show — as the TV and radio host emphasized that viewers/listeners “drive the bus” according to what they choose to tune into.

Cowherd also compared Ball to famous boxing promoter Don King and the Kardashians, claiming that he just “makes news by being himself.”

“For me, truthfully, I don’t really want to talk about him anymore,” said Leahy. “I don’t want to continue to let him be a part of my life as he has the last 24 hours.”

“But I think the reason that so many networks choose to have him on is because he says a lot of controversial things. He’s loud and a big personality, which I’ve been totally fine with. But I hope that yesterday showed who he is and that we stop putting him on all these networks just to get controversial statements out of him because that is potentially what could happen. I think there’s no place for that in TV no matter what kind of ratings you’re going to get.”

“And at this point, what I think about is I would love for Lonzo Ball to have whatever he can. I think about him in this situation. I want him to do well. I hope that we stop letting his father talk so much and maybe allow Lonzo to talk. I would love to hear more from him. I would hope that he’s successful, and I think what LaVar is doing — I don’t think yesterday is going to help his son at all. And I think that’s really unfortunate for his son.”

Cowherd then prompted if she would be willing to take an apology from Ball on the air.

“I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again today. My issue with what happened is just a complete lack of respect,” said Leahy. “He can disagree with everything that I have to say and do it passionately. You and I do it all the time. But have some respect. Don’t threaten me, don’t make personal jokes, don’t mock me and don’t say you’re not going to look me in the eye.”

“If he wants to come on and look me in the eye and be respectful, he can still disagree with me. I’m OK with that, but I will not tolerate what he did yesterday.”

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