Genshin Impact’s 2.4 Special Program Livestream has revealed a lot of brand new content in store for the upcoming version. One of them is a brand new weapon, which is a 5-star polearm called the Calamity Queller. New weapons are always interesting, since they can shake up the meta, like the Staff of Homa, or provide new potentials for certain characters, like the Cinnabar Spindle. In this article, we will be discussing details about the Calamity Queller, and whether it’s worth spending your Primogems for it or not. 

Weapon Overview

Calamity QuellerLv90741 ATK16.5% ATK

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Passive: Extinguishing Percept – Gain 12% All Elemental DMG Bonus. Obtain Consummation for the 20s after using an Elemental Skill, causing ATK to increase by 3.2% per second. This ATK increase has a maximum of 6 stacks. When the character equipped with this weapon is not on the field, Consummation’s ATK increase is doubled.

Is This Calamity Queller Good?

The Calamity Queller is Shenhe’s signature polearm, and is quite fitting for her role as an off-field support DPS. The weapon’s passive significantly boosts Shenhe’s ATK when she casts her Elemental Skill, with double the effect after you switch her out. Because of this, the Calamity Queller is a must-pull if you want to maximize Shenhe’s DPS capabilities.

Outside of Shenhe, this weapon is also phenomenal for other off-field Polearm DPS characters, like Xiangling and Rosaria. The weapon’s extremely high Base ATK can make up for the lack of ATK% sources from their builds, especially when these characters prefer Energy Recharge sands/timepieces. 

The Calamity Queller is also a viable polearm for Xiao, especially if you’ve missed the previous Staff of Homa banner. He might not receive the doubled bonuses, but the basic stats the weapon provides is definitely better than any 4-star weapon that’s accessible

Why You Should Skip Instead

If you’re not pulling for Shenhe, it might not be worth it to pull on the banner at all. Outside of her, there are still pretty good F2P alternatives that can provide great value. The Catch is one of those weapons, which is amazing for Shenhe, Xiangling, and Rosaria. Deathmatch is also a very solid polearm for so many DPS characters, along with the Blackcliff Pole. These alternatives are also great for Xiao, who will also arrive in a rate-up banner in Version 2.4. 

If you’re tight on Primogems, pulling on character banners provide more value, especially on good supports or DPS characters. Zhongli’s rerun banner will appear in the second phase of Genshin Impact 2.4, and is one of the most sought-after shielders in the entire game. More valuable characters and weapons may also appear in the future, which can be worth saving your Primogems on.