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Genshin Impact leak says version 1.4 might come with a Venti re-run banner

Genshin Impact leak, Venti

A Genshin Impact leak from a trusted leaker by the community says that Venti may be coming back.


According to Twitter leaker @zluet, many players from the Hu Tao Mains Discord community are expecting a Venti re-run banner for patch 1.4. A trusted leaker @tuanzhang587 says that a Character Wish Banner will be featuring Venti. According to the same leak, it will feature Razor as his 4-Star character. However, these are just preliminary information and should be taken with a grain of salt. Leaks like this may even be true as of the moment, but plans can still change from miHoYo’s side and alter the course of the upcoming patch.

Venti is one of the most sought-after 5-Star characters in Genshin Impact. He has a unique ability that allows him to summon a gust of tornado. He can then ride the tornado to reach high places that can usually take a lot more effort to reach. His versatility in exploration and powerful support abilities in battle make him a favorite for many players. No wonder that a lot of players are excited by this latest Genshin Impact leak.


Fans may expect that a Klee re-run banner will come right after Venti’s. This is based on the fact that her Character Wish banner came after Venti’s back in October. However, the leakers tell us not to get our hopes up. Based on currently mined patch data, the leakers found no evidence of Klee’s return.

MiHoYo may be saving the Klee re-run banner for a different time, so check back on Genshin Impact leaks for upcoming patches.

Currently, Genshin Impact features the Moment of Bloom Character Wish banner for Hu Tao. While Hu Tao is a very strong character, players are always looking forward to future releases. While Genshin Impact leaks don’t have any news for who follows Hu Tao yet, we’re sure to get more news soon.