Long awaited Genshin Impact character Scaramouche will not be Electro once he's playable according to leaks.

Note that none of these are officially released information, and should be treated as uncertain. The following article also has heavy lore spoilers, so click away if you wish to keep your adventures fresh.

Scaramouche Leaks

Firstly, Scaramouche, also known as Balladeer, will be known as “Wanderer” when he becomes playable. Previous leaks have also suggested that he will have a complete rework, including his in-game model.

This tweet reveals that the playable version of Wanderer will be Anemo.

It's also been leaked that like his fellow Fatui Harbingers Childe and La Signora, Scaramouche is also set to eventually become a Weekly Trounce Domain. Some players have suggested that maybe the leaker was pertaining to the Delusion that Weekly Boss Wanderer has, turning him Anemo. This confusion seems to have been cleared up by another leaker.

Given that he's set to become Anemo, there are also details about his weapon and kit. Scaramouche is a catalyst-user, and his Elemental Skill has a cooldown of 9 seconds. His Elemental Burst cooldown is 15 seconds with an Energy Cost of 60.

Scaramouche is reportedly set to release in the same banner as another Anemo character, the 4 star Faruzan. Small things also indicate that the Wanderer, just like Heizou, is a melee Catalyst. There's also a good chance that he will be a main DPS.

Another leak compares the Wanderer to the Ship of Theseus, a thought experiment regarding the identity of a ship kept at harbor with every part replaced one at a time.

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The follow up tweet refers to the elements, design, name, and possibly the personality as the “parts” most noticeable at first glance.

Since this is a leak, none of this is confirmed, and the leaker even clarified this.

“As I know, he does have his memory after [the] Sumeru main story. All I can confirm is his name, his designs, and his element changes. We will wait for the main plot and see how it develops. Personality may change, but it is “possible,” not “confirmed.” Scaramouch is developed for 2 years, and changing widely does bring us a deep concern. But we shall judge it with our own experience. It's your freedom to express anger towards hoyoverse, but please read the whole Sumeru story first.”

We get a glimpse of the lore behind him, a snippet of monologue presumably said by Wanderer himself:

“So what if it's not me? Who is to say who I am? Anyways, I was originally born to become a god, and now I have an opportunity to become one again.

Ha, I wonder if the person who created me would be surprised?

This life is just all a meaningless “process”.
What I have originally left behind:
just agonizing memories and mundane human emotions, should have ended much before.
This world, even the stars, are fake anyways.

(The Akademiya and Dottore are nearing the end of this project in collaboration.)”

The implications of this monologue is massive, not just to Scaramouche himself but to the greater lore of Genshin Impact. Many theories about the Spiral Abyss have been raised, and the world and stars being fake may bring to light some of its mysteries. Since Sumeru is home to the Akademiya and conversely erudite scholars, it's about time some of these mysteries were uncovered.

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