Let’s take a tour of Sumeru scenery before it arrives on Genshin Impact Version 3.0 in a few weeks.

These were originally in Chinese and translated by WFP. This information wasn’t released through official means and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Sumeru Scenery

City Teeming with Knowledge of All
The source of all wisdom above the surface of the ground. Beneath the holy tree’s lush branches, the sages of this city have documented and indexed all knowledge. Traveler seeking an answer – Welcome to Sumeru.


The Enchanted City above the Woods

The prosperous city of wisdom is ours – so are the dense, lightless forests. The treasured tree is embedded with items left from the kingdom that lost its dreams.


Village by the River

There is nothing other than a peaceful life in Vimara Village. Take a good rest, weary traveler.


Habor of the Twin Trees

The sages’ lectures are dry – One might as well fill their flask with flower-mulled wine, and embark on a voyage across the seven seas.


Alcazarzaray’s Palace

In front of the palace hidden deep in the woods is a purple-hued garden. In it, flowers bloom and birds sing – the perfect settings for a beautiful encounter.


Pondering Garden

Countless varieties of flowers bloom in this garden, each of them more beautiful than any crystalfly. This is a haven for those of great minds.


Border Station beneath Great Walls

The tall walls not only defend against tropical sandstorms, but also stem the blessings of knowledge. But shouldn’t the divine light of wisdom shine upon all?


The Giant that Watches the Conquering from Afar

“Behold, one and all – The thousands of years of history of the ancient kingdom Khaenri’ah gaze upon us!”


Varuna Treasure

A manifestation of the powers of the Varuna Contraption. It brings the waters of life, turning Valuka into Vana, bringing life to the once arid, lifeless land.


Rain’s End

“This is a place with no rain at all – as well as the place where it begins. The rain that purifies Vana starts and ends here.”


Land of Mawtiyima

The place where memories and dreams of the forest converge. It seems to possess a consciousness of its own.


Aranaca‘s Little Seedbed

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Here, the pomegranate sings, and the apples applaud.


Aranara‘s World

“No matter how bleaks the skies and land may be, if your heart shines with the warm, golden light of the sun, hope shall always stay.”


The Nursery’s Sprout

The forest will remember everything.


A tiny dream

Although clumsy, it would seem that he had a lot of preparations done to greet that “la” friend.


Sumeru goes live with Genshin Impact 3.0. For more news, click here.