HoYoverse revealed another character coming to Genshin Impact in Version 3.4. Yaoyao is finally out of the HoYoverse basement and is finally going to become playable in Genshin Impact.

Yaoyao Announcement

Yaoyao’s announcement has long been overdue since the character has been teased in several official artworks that have been released in the past. The most recent teaser of her before today was in a tweet posted by the official Genshin Impact during the celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival back in September 2020. In this art, she can be seen with Qiqi. However, that was the last that was seen of the character until recently.

In the recently concluded The Game Awards 2022, HoYoverse showed off a brand new trailer that detailed the adventures of the Traveller throughout Teyvat. Many players felt nostalgic looking at the scenes of the journey that they had been through. However, many were caught off guard and surprised at the end where Yaoyao was teased and made an appearance once again. The fact that she made an appearance at a prestigious event such as the game awards means that Hoyoverse was about to let her out of their basement very soon.

After The Game Awards 2022 had concluded, the official Genshin Impact Twitter account officially revealed Yaoyao which meant that she is finally going to become a playable character in the upcoming patch 3.4. Because of this, many players are already looking towards the next patch as Yaoyao has become hotly anticipated with how many teasers HoYoverse has dropped over the game’s life.

A further Twitter post has given details on her character.

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Yaoyao’s official title is Burgeoning Grace. This could be in relation to her relationship with the other characters in the game. Currently, Yaoyao has not made any appearance in the story whatsoever. Most of her attitude and personality are based on the voicelines of other characters that she has interacted with. In these voicelines, many mention that she is seen with Madame Ping a lot of the time and that she feels like an older sister even though she looks younger. However, this does not discount her from childish behavior as she tends to sneak onto Beidou’s ship from time to time. It got to a point that Ganyu was assigned to make sure she wouldn’t do that.

Aside from her story, as a playable character, the only thing that is known for sure is her element. It was revealed that she possesses a Dendro vision. With the release of the Dendro element, it was only a matter of time before she was released from the HoYoverse basement. For now, there is no news as to what her weapon of choice is.

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