The Georgia football team just finished a season that 99.9% of programs in college football would be thrilled with, but it was a disappointing one for the Bulldogs. Georgia was hoping to win their third straight national championship in the 2023 season, and after starting the season 12-0, the Bulldogs didn't even end up making the College Football Playoff. The Bulldogs went on to the Orange Bowl for a date with Florida State, and they ended up getting the win.

Now, Georgia football has an important 2024 season looming. After winning a couple national titles, it became the expectation for Bulldogs fans, and now that Nick Saban is gone at Alabama, they know that Kirby Smart is capable of leading the next dynasty in college football. Next season is going to be a big one in college football, especially in the SEC. The SEC will be perhaps the most loaded conference in the sport as both Texas and Oklahoma are coming over from the Big 12 to join the conference. It's going to make for a lot of exciting matchups.

Not only is it a big season because of conference realignment, but it is also a big season of the College Football Playoff expanding. The four-team playoff era is over, and now, the playoff will feature 12 teams. College football is going to look completely different next year, and Georgia wants to start this new era with a bang. One thing that will be huge for the Bulldogs, and also the rest of the college football world, is the transfer portal. With this new era of college football, the transfer player is massive, and the teams that know how to utilize it best might just end up being the most successful. So far this offseason, the Bulldogs have done a good job going into the portal and getting some good talent for next year's squad.

Before we dive more into the Georgia football transfer portal class, let's take a look at what the Bulldogs have been through during the last few seasons that has set them up with an opportunity to become the next dynasty in college football. Where Georgia is now is crucial in terms of why next season is so important, and transfer portal additions are a crucial part of next season.

Georgia has been very good with Kirby Smart for awhile, but it took them a few years to get over the hump and win the national title. We all remember when the Bulldogs came close. They had a chance to take down Saban and Alabama in the national title and they had the Crimson Tide right where they wanted them in overtime as they pushed them back near midfield. However, Tua Tagovailoa launched a deep ball on the very next play that got the Crimson Tide the victory. That one was a heartbreaker for Georgia fans, and they would have to wait a little bit longer for that national title.

That national title finally came in the 2021 season. Georgia was absolutely loaded in 2021 but they did lose one game in the SEC Championship game against Alabama, and they lost by 17 points. Both teams made it to the College Football Playoff, and the Bulldogs cruised against #2 Michigan in the Orange Bowl to set up a rematch in the national title game with the Crimson Tide. It was another great game, and Georgia was finally able to vanquish the Tide to earn the big one. The Bulldogs won the game 33-18, and they were finally on top of the college football world.

The 2022 Georgia football team was one of the most dominant we have seen in college football. The Bulldogs didn't encounter much trouble at all in the regular season and they blewout LSU in the SEC title game to get back to College Football Playoff. They did end up getting a good fight from Ohio State in the Peach Bowl, and Georgia was extremely fortunate to come out on top in that game, but a win is a win. That led to one of the most lopsided wins in national title game history. The Bulldogs won a second title in a row, and they did it in blowout fashion as they took down TCU 65-7. The game was not competitive.

Everyone thought that Georgia was going to win a third in a row this past season, and they cruised to a 12-0 record and took on Alabama in the SEC title game. The Crimson Tide found a way to get the win, and just like that, Georgia was knocked out of College Football Playoff contention. They dismantled Florida State in the Orange Bowl by 60 points, but the season was an overall disappointment.

Now, with this big season in college football looming, Georgia football wants to get back to the top. They have a lot of talent returning, and they have landed a lot of good talent from the transfer portal. Here is the player with the most to prove out of their portal class so far.

TE Ben Yurosek, Stanford

First of all, this might be one of the most underrated transfer portal pick ups in the country so far, but that can only be the case if Ben Yurosek comes to Georgia and proves that he can be elite in the SEC. Yurosek has spent the last three seasons with the Stanford football team, and he has been a bright spot on a Cardinal team that has struggled. He was been incredibility reliable, and he has the potential to be great at Georgia.

Ben Yurosek has a lot to prove with the Georgia football team because they are used to their tight ends being the best in the country. Brock Bowers has been that guy in recent years for the Bulldogs, and he has now raised the expectation for that position group tremendously.

Yurosek is capable of meeting those lofty expectations, but it will not be easy. He was able to have a good amount of success on a team that was one of the worst in power five college football. With the talent around him with the Bulldogs, Yurosek truly has the potential to be one of the best tight ends in college football next year, but he does have a lot to prove before he can get to that point.