The Daniel Jones-led New York Giants have dug themselves into a very deep hole in the fourth week of NFL action. Brian Daboll is struggling to find the right play calls on both ends of the court. They ran a total of 71 different plays in the matchup and had the ball for a full 36 minutes. Yet, the Seattle Seahawks and Geno Smith still pulled away with an extremely lopsided victory. Daboll could only say a few words after their disappointing defeat, via Ralph Vacchiano of FOX Sports.

“I’d say we’ve got to do better,” was the only response the Giants head coach had after their loss to the Geno Smith-led Seahawks.

Bobby Wagner and Devon Witherspoon toyed with their offense. He led Pete Carroll's squad into a frenzy against Daniel Jones, who got sacked 11 times to set a franchise record for Seattle. Also, this meant that every other facet of their offense suffered in the Week 4 game. They only notched 3.4 yards per play with 248 total yards. Another unfortunate mishap would be the fumble that the Giants lost.

Moreover, Jones also threw the ball directly to a Seahawks defenseman twice, which cost them a chance to rally back. The most painful sight for Brian Daboll would be the fact that they only scored one field goal throughout the whole matchup. There is a lot to work on in figuring out what to do for this team. They may have already gotten a win but they also had to suffer two of the worst losses so far in the NFL season. Will we see a comeback when they face the Miami Dolphins?