Giants news: Eli Manning has no intention to waive no-trade clause to leave New York
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Giants QB Eli Manning has no intention to waive no-trade clause

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The New York Giants have officially decided to usher in the era of quarterback Daniel Jones following their loss in Week 2 of the 2019 NFL season. This now brings that status of Manning’s new role on the team into question.

Manning has the option of waiving his no-trade clause if he hopes to potentially play elsewhere this year. According to Ralph Vacchiano of SNY, he has not given any indication of his desire to do so:

But Manning has a full no-trade clause in his contract, and according to multiple sources he has no immediate plans to waive it.

At least not yet.

Manning is undoubtedly at an interesting crossroads in his career. The move indicates that his time as the No. 1 has come to an end barring injury. As a result, there was some speculation that he could potentially try and start for one of the many quarterback-hungry teams that are hoping to shore up some experience.

Most quarterbacks would opt to be traded where they know they will have a chance to play rather than toil away on the bench. Given the two Super Bowl wins under his belt, it seems his desire to join a legitimate contender is not as strong as in most cases where a player is still looking for their first.

Regardless, Manning could still ultimately seek a trade once he actually has some time to process the decision. Although keeping him around as the backup while Jones continues to develop this season would be the ideal situation, it is safe to assume that the Giants would be willing to oblige his requests given what he has done for this franchise.