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Giants coach Joe Judge gives honest take on Nick Gates’ gruesome injury

Joe Judge, Nick Gates, Giants

New York Giants offensive center and team captain Nick Gates suffered a gruesome leg fracture during their Week 2 match against the Washington Football Team. Leg fractures are terrible injuries for any athlete, but that goes double for football players. These types of injuries can often be career-ending.

Speaking to reporters a week after that incident, Giants coach Joe Judge didn’t mince any words regarding Gates’ injury. Per Empire Sports Media:

“I’d be lying, from my perspective, if I said no. I know there’s comparisons to other players, these things are all different. I know he’s going to have the best medical care possible… So we’re confident he’s [Nick Gates] going to be able to come back. My fear, for any guy who has something like this, is yes, it can be career-ending.”

In a physical and intense game like football, leg fractures like that can be devastating to a player’s career. Your bones are never quite the same after a fracture, and any more blows to that leg could result in another injury. The Giants medical staff are clearly going to do everything they can to help Gates, but as it stands, the outlook is murky.

The injury comes at an unfortunate time for both Gates and the Giants. The Giants OC was promoted to team captain earlier this season, so seeing him go down this early in the season is tragic. On the other hand, the Giants badly need help with their offensive line. They already had to make adjustments to their O-line prior to the Washington game, and now they need another retooling.

Best of luck to Nick Gates and his recovery.