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Giants’ Pat Shurmur says Eli Manning-Daniel Jones interactions going well

Eli Manning, Daniel Jones, Giants

There could be a lot of animosity between Eli Manning and Daniel Jones but New York Giants coach Pat Shurmur notes the interactions have been going well. According to Shurmur, both guys are just trying to get better and helping each other do that.

“I think it’s good on both counts,” Shurmur said Monday via the New York Post. “It’s a really, really good quarterback room, and they’re two very competitive guys that work well together. Guys are in there just trying to get better with each rep and they help each other. I feel really good about the interaction they’ve had to this point.”

This is good news that the guys are working well together because it could be very easy for Manning to shun Jones because he knows at some point he is probably going to take his job.

Right now the most important thing is for both guys to get ready to guys, and Shurmur said both guys are preparing for week one. He made sure to clarify the comments saying that Jones is preparing like he would start week one, but he is the backup right now barring any injury to Manning.

“I view the quarterback position, we have a starter in Eli and we’ve got guys behind him, specifically Daniel Jones, that need to do everything he can to play Week 1,” Shurmur said.

Learning to prepare like Manning would be a very smart thing for Jones to catch on in the first couple months of the season and he needs to have a keen eye learning about life in the NFL. If Manning is willing to teach, and it seems like he is, Jones needs to take every opportunity to learn.