New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley is certainly not pleased with the way things have panned out in East Rutherford this season. However, the former No. 2 overall pick has remained optimistic down the stretch while he and his Giants teammates are now looking to finish the year strong against the rival Philadelphia Eagles in Week 17.

“Let’s just go with, we want to finish the season off strong,” Barkley recently told reporters, via USA TODAY Sports. “That’s something that we’re focused on — finishing the season off strong. We have one more game to do it in front of the home crowd. That’s our mindset is to try to finish the season strong.”

The second-year Giants rusher also had some time to compliment current head coach Pat Shurmur, who continues to have a hold on the locker room so it seems — even with the once heralded NFC East franchise struggling throughout the campaign.

“It starts with him. He’s the one who sets the tone,” Barkley added. “You can tell by, not only him but all of the coaches, come to work every week— even though we’re having a, I wouldn’t say a disappointing season, but struggling year. It starts with those guys and it trickles down to us to the leaders and it trickles down, trickles down, trickles down. I think we’ve been displaying grit, fight, that effort in a lot of these games this year. But in these last two, it’s been working for us.”

As it stands today, Barkley and the Giants have managed just four wins on the season.