Grading Giants rookie QB Daniel Jones through his first 12 games
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Grading Giants rookie QB Daniel Jones through his first 12 games

It is hard to remember a more criticized draft pick than the New York Giants’ No. 6 overall selection of Daniel Jones. It all began during the 2018 NFL Draft when the Giants opted to take Saquon Barkley at No. 2 rather than go for a quarterback. Ultimately, they ended up with Jones and are one game away from finishing another double-digit loss campaign.

The Giants are a team with a lot of problems. They have a putrid head coach, their defense is near the bottom of the league, and they have made few strides in improving their offensive line. The Giants chalked 2019 up as a developmental year for what they hope is their franchise quarterback. All in all, they have to be somewhat pleased with Jones’ performance in year one.

Jones currently has 2,726 yards and is completing 62.1% of his passes. He has thrown for 23 touchdowns and 11 interceptions while fumbling 16 times.

What Is Jones’ Grade Through 12 Games?

Jones’ grade is definitely higher than it was expected to be on draft night. The word to describe Jones’ play is inconsistent. That is to be expected as a rookie. In Week 16 against a Washington Redskins’ team that was starting their fourth and fifth string cornerbacks, Jones tossed five touchdowns. He joined Fran Tarkenton and Deshaun Watson as the only rookies to throw for four or more touchdowns in three games.

With the good came a lot of bad. The Giants lost nine games in a row in the middle of the season. Jones was the starter for eight of them and while they were not all his fault, he had a hand in them. Jones has three games with two or more interceptions on the season. He also has four games with two or more fumbles and has lost two or more three times.

Again, when looking at the season as a whole, the Giants have to be pleased and hopeful for the future. Jones showed that he is not afraid to throw the ball down the field and give his receivers a chance. He did a decent job at recognizing the blitz and stepping up in the pocket. The main concern with Jones is his ability to hold onto the ball. He fumbled in eight of 12 games that he started.

Moving forward, that has to be fixed. It will also help when the Giants give him an offensive line.

Daniel Jones Grade through 12 Games: B