Ja Morant's gun controversy has been the biggest storyline in the NBA save for the Finals going on. Despite being suspended for a similar incident, the Memphis Grizzlies star was once again caught on social media flexing a gun. Now, Morant's camp claims that the gun in question was simply a toy gun. Amidst all this controversy, commissioner Adam Silver had a bit of a funny quip at Morant's expense on The Dan Patrick Show.

Patrick and Silver were talking about the NBA's lax rules regarding dribbling. In particular, their biggest point of contention was the seemingly numerous uncalled carries. This prompted Patrick to joke about an “anti-carrying program” in the NBA. Without a smidge of hesitation, Silver noted that it had a double meaning, referencing the situation involving Grizzlies star Ja Morant.

The Grizzlies suspended Morant pre-emptively after the video of him with a gun went viral. However, that might not be the end of Morant's troubles with the league. Silver's recent statements on the star point guard's fate seem to point at a heavy punishment against him. It wouldn't be a surprise if Morant was slapped with a half a season suspension, if not more.

Recently, rumors were leaked that the gun seen on Ja Morant was not a real gun, but rather a toy gun. The validity of this claim is virtually unknown. However, Silver has some strong thoughts on the Grizzlies star's actions.

“The very issue for Ja certainly in the first incident was treating a gun as a toy,” Adam Silver said on the Dan Patrick Show, according to Damichael Cole of Memphis Commercial Appeal. “That's what we're talking about, and I think that's what the danger is to society; Taking a gun, livestreaming it. … I think everyone agrees that gun safety is important. Guns aren't toys.”