Ja Morant has been on the headlines for the past month due to his second Instagram Live gun scandal. The NBA has already conducted its investigation and made a decision, though Adam Silver refused to reveal their findings until the season is officially over after the Finals.

As the whole world awaits what the NBA has to say about the controversy, though, a new rumor emerged pushing the narrative that the gun Morant flashed in his IG Live was a fake. The Breakfast Club host Claudia Jordan made the revelation, noting that her sources shared that Morant's camp was allegedly claiming that the firearm everyone saw in the video was a “toy gun.”

Morant's camp even reportedly sent it to Silver and the league office to push their stance that Morant shouldn't be punished for it, though to no avail. Jordan went on to claim that the league is set to slap the Grizzlies youngster with a 30-game suspension.

For what it's worth, the other hosts of The Breakfast Club weren't buying those talks. Charlamagne tha God couldn't help but say that it's a lame excuse. He noted that if it's a toy gun right from the start, Morant's camp should have said it in the beginning. He also questioned why Ja Morant needed to issue an apology.

DJ Envy also made an argument why he has doubts that Morant's gun was a fake, saying it should have been the orange tip if it's a toy gun.

Morant's camp has yet to address these latest rumors. Nonetheless, it's unlikely fans will know the truth until the NBA makes its official announcement and decision. What's only evident right now, however, is a suspension is coming to Morant.